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A stylish button-up blouse is a cornerstone of every women's wardrobe. You can wear it for almost any occasion. A quality collared shirt is easy to pair with any outfit. The blouse can be adapted to suit different styles by styling, mixing, and matching. Pair it with casual jeans or go for a more sophisticated look, with straight trousers. In the summer, you can wear shorts with a blouse.

IVALO.COM's ecological and ethical range offers options for every style. Choose from a classic white button-up shirt, or a lightweight linen shirt, or spice up your look by picking a colored or striped collared shirt. A trendy and carefree choice is the loose oversize button-down shirt.

If you're looking for a timeless and durable blouse, check out the sustainable offerings from brands such as Archetype or Eticlò. Cotton is the most classic material. In summer, breathable linen feels wonderfully cool on you. Viscose and lyocell drape beautifully and feel soft against the skin.