Long Sleeve Dresses

Long-sleeved dresses for conscious women

A long-sleeved dress is the best dress for the cool seasons, but depending on the material, it can also be worn all year round. A long-sleeve dress is also dressy in summer. Long sleeves provide protection from the sun when needed.

IVALO.COM's fabulous and comprehensive range of women's dresses also includes women's long-sleeved dresses from several of our favorite sustainable fashion brands. Popular dress brands include Finnish brands Aarrelabel, Kaiko, and Papu. In addition, our selection also offers long-sleeved dresses from a wide range of European clothing brands. One of the most beloved is Enteliér from Poland, whose glamorous dresses offer options for everyday wear and festive occasions.

IVALO.COM focuses only on sustainable and ethical clothing brands, so when you shop in our online store you can make choices with a good conscience. Every clothing brand goes through the IVALO.COM 360 Sustainability Validation, which explores the brand's sustainability in a variety of different aspects.

A long-sleeved dress suits everyone

IVALO.COM has a wide range of long-sleeved dresses, and everyone can find something to their liking. Long-sleeved dress is perfect for business attire, for example. 

Long-sleeved dresses come in a variety of hem lengths: mini, midi, and maxi - and everything in between. Feel free to choose based on your own style and needs.

In a mini dress, long sleeves add elegance to the look with just the right amount of skin hidden and the legs taking centre stage. A long-sleeved mini dress looks great in a party style, for example.

A long-sleeved midi dress is perhaps the most versatile of the lengths and can be worn for many occasions and looks. A long-sleeved maxi dress offers coverage and striking style from head to toe.

The material choices for the dresses offer a lot of options. Many of the clothing brands in our online shop prefer more environmentally friendly material options. Breathable organic or recycled cotton is a comfortable and easy material for long-sleeved everyday dresses. More ecological than traditional viscose, ECOVERO viscose or TENCEL lyocell offer a more sophisticated option. Elegant silk, on the other hand, is a great material for long-sleeved party dresses in particular.

There are also long-sleeved wool dresses to keep you warm even on cold winter days. Choose a trendy knitted dress in warming merino wool, for example, from premium knitwear brand Rhea. Rhea uses responsible and transparent merino wool in its knitwear.

Long-sleeved dresses can be styled with a mix of accessories. Play around with different patterns and thicknesses of tights, try more understated and showy jewelry, and change your shoes. The same dress can work well with heels as a party dress and with sneakers for everyday wear. By styling one dress for various occasions it also gets more uses, making it a more environmentally friendly choice.

Got an invitation to a party? Long sleeves also work for party dresses

A long-sleeved dress is an elegant choice for a party. Popular long-sleeved party dresses for women at IVALO.COM are available from brands such as Polish Larsuu and Finnish designer brand Miia Halmesmaa.

If you are looking for the perfect long-sleeved party dress, you should also take a look at the selection of Swedish label Studio Heijne. Studio Heijne makes its stunning dresses to order. Their range also includes large dress sizes up to size 54.

Couldn't find what you were looking for? You'll also find plenty of other ethical women's dresses in our store. Order over 100 sustainable clothing brands easily online. We offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount. For the current purchase limit, please see our terms and conditions.