Find a sustainably produced and ethical women's ring from us

At IVALO.COM you can discover stunning sustainable rings for women. Some of the most popular brands offering women's rings on IVALO.COM include Ana Dyla, Fejn Jewelry, and Marie Beatrice Gade.

Ana Dyla offers rings for both minimalist tastes and those looking for a more showy ring. Each women's ring by Ana Dyla is lovingly handcrafted from recycled gold or silver. More ethically fair options are also preferred for the stones used in the rings.

Fejn Jewelry's rings are perfect for those who prefer a timeless and understated style. You won't get bored with these rings - their style will stand the test of time. Marie Beatrice Gade's rings are also perfect for a minimalist style. However, the brand also has stunning statement rings for those looking for something a bit more feminine.

Another interesting artisan brand is the Finnish jewelry producer Vuolas Circular Design, which also makes use of recycled materials in its products. Vuolas Circular Design's jewelry range includes a number of unisex rings and other jewelry products. Vuolas rings represent a simple and timeless Nordic design style.

Will you choose a silver ring or a gold ring?

IVALO.COM's sustainable jewelry brands favor recycled materials. A silver ring made of 100% recycled material is an eye-catcher that shines beautifully in different lights and angles. When you choose your silver ring from us, you know you have made a responsible choice.

We also offer gold rings for women. These typically are made from recycled gold. For more detailed information, see the specifications for each product. See also our full selection of sustainable jewelry, where you can choose a necklace, bracelet, or earrings to pair with your ring.