Wrap Dresses

Find a sustainable wrap dress

A wrap dress is a popular item of clothing that is suitable for a wide range of occasions - from everyday to festive events. A wrap dress is also suitable for a capsule wardrobe because of its versatility. A wrap dress is the perfect combination of comfort, femininity and timeless style.

From IVALO.COM's range of women's wrap dresses, you can find your dresses responsibly made by popular ethical fashion brands.

Versatile women's wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are available in different hem and sleeve lengths: sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve. Find your favorite dress among them. You can also choose the color to suit your style: go for an eye-catching colorful or patterned wrap dress or a classic and simple black wrap dress.

Wrap dresses typically come with a belt to tie the dress at the waist, but there are also so-called faux wrap dresses, which have the wrap dress design but are sewn closed. Some wrap dresses are designed so that they also work as a jacket or blazer when you leave the dress open.

If you're looking for a wrap dress for a party, for example, you can choose a gorgeous long model made from a luxurious material such as silk or Tencel lyocell. For summer occasions, a short wrap dress made from breathable linen or cotton is a comfortable choice.

Wrap dresses are a popular summer garment, but they also work in winter style with tights. You can also layer a turtleneck under a wrap dress for warmth. In summer, you can also try wearing a top with an O-neck underneath, for example, giving the V-neck of a wrap dress a totally new look.

A wrap dress is flattering for many body types

A wrap dress flatters a wide range of curves and body shapes. A wrap dress adapts to body shapes, so it works year after year, even if your size varies. The wrap dress belt allows you to adjust the dress to your preferences and body shapes.

A wrap dress is particularly suitable for these body types:

  • X-shaped hourglass body: Accentuates the narrow waist nicely.
  • O-shaped apple body: Helps to balance the body and shape the waist.
  • A-shaped pear body: Can help in creating shapes and highlighting the waist.
  • H-shaped rectangular body: A wrap dress helps in creating the illusion of curves.

IVALO.COM offers only responsibly made dresses

You can shop with confidence because we have checked the sustainability of the brands sold in our online shop and ensured that your new favorite dress is made from durable materials in ethically safe working conditions.

All the clothing brands we sell go through the IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation process, where we examine the sustainability of the brand across a wide range of aspects.

IVALO.COM also offers a wide range of other women's dresses - find a model that suits your taste and wear it with love for a long time.