Hair Jewellery & Accessories

In the 2020s, headscarves and accessories for hair are a markable trend. Hair jewelry is used widely to underline feminine and generous outfits as well as simple and sharp styles.

At IVALO.COM, the most sought-after hair accessories have been scrunchies – they really made a renaissance and are living their new golden age now! With a scrunchie, it’s easy and fast to create a ponytail or a fashionable topknot or bun. The fun and colorful designs spice up your personal style.

Topical scarf-like scrunchies are available at the selection of a Finnish traditional fashion house Voglia. The scarfy part of the scrunchie can be tied or left freely open. The scrunchies of Voglia are made of high-quality surplus wastage materials.

One size headbands you’ll find in the selections of Kaiko and KATRI NISKANEN. The glorious mohair and cashmere materials make these bands luxurious and timeless accessories to finish your style.