Finnish Fashion

Finnish design and fashion are alive and well. Finnish brands and products are known for quality and trustworthiness. Northern aesthetics and Scandinavian design are of interest to us and the rest of the world.

Check out IVALO.COM’s selection of ever-increasing sustainable Finnish fashion brands. Among them, you can find a long line of family businesses, visionary young designers, and already international starts.

We are proud of them all, and the way they take social and ecological responsibility to their hearts is self-evident.

Our Finnish brands are: Archetype, ASK Scandinavia, Craga, FRENN, Ivana Helsinki, LIIA, LILLE, Lovanna Lingerie, LUMI, Miia Halmesmaa, Mirkka Metsola, MORICO, Nomen Nescio, TAUKO, TELAKKA, Terhi Pölkki, Vejits, Vestiarium, VogliaVuolas Circular Design, WWOOLLFF CO.