Women's Bodysuits

Sustainable women's bodysuits from IVALO.COM

In recent years, women's bodysuits have experienced a comeback. Bodysuits can be worn as underwear or instead of a shirt. IVALO.COM also offers bodysuits for women in more sustainable versions.

Popular bodysuit brands in our online shop include Saint Body and Anekdot. We offer women's bodysuits in a variety of styles, designs, and materials, whether you're looking for a glamorous lace bodysuit for a party or a women's long-sleeved bodysuit for everyday wear.

A women's bodysuit is a one-piece garment, similar in design to a swimsuit. The bodysuit has a figure-hugging fit and is form-fitting. The crotch of the bodysuit is usually fastened with buttons to make it easy to slip on. Many women prefer to wear a body instead of a normal shirt, as it is easy to combine with trousers, for example, without having to worry about the shirt's hem rising. Bodysuit stays neatly in place in any situation and gives a sophisticated look to the outfit.

You can wear a women's bodysuit in everyday life with jeans and city sneakers, for example. For evening outings, a bodysuit looks great with wide-leg trousers or an elegant skirt. The same body works with several outfits. By choosing clothes in your wardrobe that get a lot of use, you're also making a more responsible choice.

Bodysuits for women in various designs and styles

The popularity of women's bodysuits has grown in recent times and continues to be a popular clothing choice. A women's bodysuit is a piece of clothing that will never go out of fashion. Their tight fit, practicality, and elegance ensure that they can be used for everyday wear as well as for special occasions.

Women's bodysuits are available in a number of different styles. Choose from long-sleeved bodysuits, short-sleeved bodysuits, or sleeveless bodysuits, depending on your style and needs.

A sleeveless body is a particular summer day and party favorite. It beautifully reveals the arms. A sleeveless option also works well under a blazer, for example. On the other hand, a long-sleeved body is ideal for cooler weather and year-round wear.

There are also different cuts of bodysuits available. They make a big difference to the look of the garment and allow you to express your own style and stand out from the crowd. For example, you can choose a bodysuit with a V-neck or an O-neck, or wear a bodysuit with just one shoulder or a stunning open back.

Choose the material of your bodysuit according to your preference. Materials range from stretchy jersey fabrics to more elegant lace or silk. A lace bodysuit is a gorgeous piece of lingerie, but you can also wear it as a shirt for special occasions or on a date by pairing it with a jacket or a festive bottom to match the look of the bodysuit.

A women's bodysuit is a versatile garment that you can combine with a skirt or trousers. A bodysuit adds comfort to your outfit and gives you a finished look without the fear of loose hems or extra fabric ruffles.

There is also a choice of colors. Year after year, our best-sellers include easy-to-match basic colors: black bodysuits, beige bodysuits, and white bodysuits are the choices for many. But there are also stand-out shades for those who like them. Feel free to choose according to your style and enjoy your ethically made and durable bodysuit with pleasure.

Only ethical fashion - shop gorgeous women's bodysuits online

IVALO.COM is a clothing store that offers good looks with a good conscience. When you buy from us, you know that your clothes are ethically produced under fair working conditions. Every brand of clothing sold in our online shop is validated for sustainability before we accept products for sale on our site.

In the IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation, we assess the sustainability of brands across a wide range of areas. We look at working conditions, the production chain, and the ecology of materials. Transparency is important to us and you can find the sustainability score of each brand in the product information.

IVALO.COM's most popular bodysuit brand is the Polish Saint Body. Saint Body's beautiful women's bodysuits are sensual in design and accentuate the feminine features of the body. The brand's bodysuits feature dreamy soft materials and stunning, interesting cuts. Saint Body prefers more eco-friendly materials such as TENCEL™ lyocell for many of its bodysuits.

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