IVALO.COM presents a lovely, feminine, powerful, and colorful selection of earrings to top up your style. For example, the Finnish brands Miia Halmesmaa, Morico, Globe Hope, and Kaiko are designing and producing visually strong earrings to finish your look and make you feel good.

Kaiko earrings are handmade in Nepal. Kaiko’s mission is to improve the working conditions and competence of women living in poor countries. The exotic natural gemstones and brass metal parts make Kaiko’s earrings unique and special.

The earrings by Miia Halmesmaa are designed and manufactured in Finland and packed in beautiful carton boxes. The showy yet lightweight earrings are made of acrylic material with a mirroring surface. The shape is cut with a laser and the metal parts are of surgical steel.

The most popular earrings at IVALO.COM are hoops by the German brand Fejn. They come in many different sizes and designs and are awesome value for money with their genuine quality and sustainability.

Fejn hoops are available in traditional round shape as well as various other designs and with pendants, too.