Women's Tunics

Women's tunic is a versatile wardrobe stable

A tunic is one of the ultimate comfort clothes – it can be used as a shirt or a dress, and feels good to wear time after time. Women describe their tunics as “life-long partners” and “trusted companions”– tunics are just so easy to love! Combine a tunic with a pair of leggings for comfy outfit.

A tunic is super fast to slip on and usually easy material to take care of – no ironing, no stress. Just pull it over your head and you’re good to go! Wear it with trousers and sneakers or style it with festive shoes and jewelry.

A tunic to suit many body types

A relaxed tunic is perfect for layering and looks good on all body types. When the weather gets cold, combine a tunic with your favorite cardigan. Choose your tunic by the intention of use – the soft and stretchy materials are the ones to pick for your home tunic, but if you want to look sharp in a high-quality fit, pick a more sturdy material.

Ecological and ethical women's tunics - order online

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