Women's Knitted Pants & Sets

Women's knitted trousers and knit sets

The popularity of knitwear exploded during the pandemic, with women's knitted trousers and a sweater made from the same material being the home season favorite style. The most popular knitwear for women on the IVALO.COM marketplace is offered by The Knotty Ones, a company employing Lithuanian artisans.

The knitted suits, which represent the nobility of loungewear, are often thin and comfortable. Thanks to a high-quality knit, such as cashmere or merino wool, the knitwear set is wonderfully light and warm on the skin.

Knitted sets are now seen on catwalks around the world and are also allowed to be worn outside the home. The trendiest salon-ready knitted set now also includes underwear in the same knit; a bra, top, panties, or shorts.

Knitted pants + sweater combinations can be dressed up with thick-soled sneakers or joggers. Elevated leather shoes and a premium bag are also great companions for a luxury knitwear set. In the summer season, instead of knitted pants, you can wear beautiful knitted shorts.