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Are you looking for a change, but don’t want to buy a whole new outfit? Changing the top can transform your outfit easily and inexpensively. When you choose your top, pay attention to the materials and the quality of the production, and you can trust that it will last. IVALO.COM tops are selected carefully from designers that focus on making unique and high-quality garments that last time and use. Find your new favourite top from the women’s tops collection.

You can find different style women’s tops in IVALO.COM. The online store has a variation of available tops for women from sustainable designers including ruffled tops, women’s silk tops, crop tops, bodycon tops and camisoles. Women’s tops are available amongst other materials in wool, cotton, organic cotton and lyocell.

IVALO.COM is a marketplace for sustainable fashion where you can find a variety of women’s tops. Each brand, which is present in the online store, will be evaluated for their sustainability level and you can easily see the environmental impact its clothing production and transportation have and the materials which have been used in the top.