Midi Dresses

Find a sustainable women's midi dress at IVALO.COM

Looking for that perfect sustainable women's midi dress? Look no further than IVALO.COM! Our range of midi dresses caters to various lengths—knee-length, below the knee, and mid-calf—designed specifically for women.

Among our collection, you'll discover a wide selection of midi dresses, from captivating mid-length party dresses ideal for those special moments to everyday midi dress favorites you'll adore wearing repeatedly, year after year.

The midi dress embodies a sense of effortlessness. Its length makes it easy to pair the dress with a jacket, a blazer or a cardigan, making it adaptable to different settings and weather conditions. When the temperatures drop, simply slip on some stockings and you're good to go with your midi dress.

What is a midi dress?

A midi dress is a type of dress characterized by its length, typically falling somewhere between the knee and the ankle. It's longer than a mini dress but shorter than a maxi dress. The term "midi" refers to the mid-length style, which offers versatility in styling and making it a popular choice for various occasions.

There are various midi dress available. Midi dresses come in various silhouettes, including A-line, sheath, fit-and-flare, wrap, and more. The silhouette can impact how the dress fits and flatters different body types.

Midi dresses can be sleeveless, have short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or long sleeves, offering versatility for different seasons and styles. The neckline can vary from O-necks to V-necks, off-shoulder styles, even to turtlenecks.

Midi dresses have become a wardrobe staple for many women due to their timeless appeal and adaptability to various settings and seasons. Midi dresses offer a balance between sophistication and comfort, making them a go-to choice for different events and everyday wear.

Midi dresses for those special occasions

One of the great things about midi dresses is their versatility. They can transition effortlessly from casual daywear to more formal or evening attire with the right accessories and shoes.

A midi dress is perfect for a wedding guest or as a graduation dress. A black midi dress is a timeless choice for an evening party, such as a Christmas party or a friend's birthday party.

Elevate the festive look by pairing the dress with stunning heels, stylish boots or elegant sandals. Finish the style with sparkling jewelry and dance the night away.

Choose an ecological and ethical midi dress

What sets midi dresses at IVALO.COM apart? We at IVALO.COM are committed to making the future of fashion more ecological, ethical and sustainable.

On our online store, every brand undergoes IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation. We measure brand sustainability in eight categories. The garments we offer are crafted in fair, ethical conditions, aligning with the principles of sustainable development.

Popular brands offering midi dresses include Aarrelabel, Enteliér, Kaiko and Miia Halmesmaa. Get ready to embrace sustainability without compromising on style! Explore our range of midi dresses and join us in the journey towards a more ethical and fashionable future.

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