Women's Knits

Sustainable women's knitted sweaters and pullovers - order easily online

IVALO.COM specializes in women's knits, among other things, and has a fabulous selection of brands where lovers of sustainable style and high quality can find women's knitted sweaters, pullovers and jumpers. IVALO.COM's sustainable and ecological range of women's knits is up-to-date and full of amazing qualities of wool.

The women's sweaters we sell are often made of high-quality, mulesing-free merino wool or warming sheep's wool, for example. We also offer women's knitted sweaters made from mohair, cashmere, and alpaca. Our range includes both chunky knitted jumpers as well as thinner woolen sweaters.

Women's merino wool sweaters are a favorite for many due to their excellent properties. Merino wool not only provides comfortable warmth, but also breathes, wicks moisture, and lets it through well, so you'll feel comfortable all day wearing it. A thin merino wool knit is also ideal for summer use.

If you want to choose a sweater that is not made from wool, a cotton knit is a good option. It's also great for year-round wear. IVALO.COM brands mostly prefer organic or Fair Trade cotton for their knitted sweaters.

Long knitted sweater or short knit? The choice is yours!

IVALO.COM offers a comprehensive selection so you can find the women's knitted sweater or jumper that's just right for your style. There are plenty of designs to choose from. Are you looking for a long sweater, a v-neck pullover, a turtleneck knit, or a short knitted sweater? Feel free to choose according to your preference. Lasting style is all about choosing only the clothes you really love in your wardrobe.

The thickness and finishes of your sweater will also determine its style and use. A chunky knitted jumper is perfect for the coldest winter months, while a thin pullover will serve you well all year round. For the prettiest details, look no further than knitted sweaters from The Knotty Ones, and for simple elegance, check out the knitted pullovers from Rhea, which specializes in quality merino wool.

Women's woolen sweaters and knits are also available in a range of colors. Subtle options include a grey sweater, a white knit, or a black jumper, but you can also attract attention by choosing a pink woolen sweater or perhaps a red pullover.

Woolen sweaters for women from various brands

The IVALO.COM online store offers a wide range of top brands of sustainable fashion, including lovely women's knitted sweaters and jumpers that will keep you warm year after year.

Check out the boldly urban The Knotty Ones, for example, which combines Lithuanian authenticity and craftsmanship with the latest trends from New York. For the world's most luxurious cashmere sweaters, look no further than the Spanish label Leap Concept, whose design is simple and sophisticated.

Women's sweaters, woolen turtlenecks, and wool accessories made from warming and sturdy Gotland wool are produced by a Swedish brand Residus. You won't get cold in Residus knitted jumpers! The style of the sweaters is timeless and minimalist. Residus may have just the perfect grey sweater you've been looking for.

Popular sustainable sweaters for women are also available from Finnish brands PURA Finland, Kaiko, and Aarrelabel. If you're looking for an all-Finnish sweater, check out Ekta Helsinki's gorgeous sweaters, made in Finland from Finnish wool.

Validated sustainability

At IVALO.COM, we assess the sustainability of all the clothing brands we carry before they are released for sale on our site. So you can shop with confidence and peace of mind. IVALO.COM 360 sustainability validation provides reliable information on the responsibility of clothing brands.

Nothing in our online shop is 100% sustainable, because we believe that nothing in fashion can be. But we do offer the most sustainable options possible. IVALO.COM is your trusted guide to making better fashion choices. We have worked hard and gathered a lot of information so that you can choose freely according to your values and style.

You can see the results of each brand's sustainability validation on the brand's dedicated page, or in the product information. At IVALO.COM you can easily order online women's knitwear and other sustainable fashion treasures. We offer free delivery for orders over a specific amount. The purchase limit for free delivery may vary from time to time. Please check our shipping policy to find out the current terms and conditions.