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Sustainable cardigan is a wardrobe stable

Cardigans and knitted wool jackets are trusted pieces of clothing for all seasons. The cardigan is one of the most frequently worn items in the wardrobe, often complementing a wide range of outfits.

The cardigan is worn to keep warm at home, on the sofa, or when working remotely. The knitted wool jacket is a garment that is packed in both adults' and children's bags when leaving home. The IVALO.COM range offers these in sustainable versions: we have ecological and ethical cardigans and knitted wool jackets.

Choose the cardigan according to the need

The most popular cardigan style in recent times has been the modern short cardigan with a deep V-neck and short button placket. However, the long over-the-hip cardigan is equally necessary, as it is warming and can complement a wide range of outfits from every day to parties.

Ecological and ethical women’s cardigans from popular brands

The perfect sustainable cardigan can be found from brands such as The Knotty Ones, Story of Mine, or Voglia. You can choose a soft cotton cardigan for summer days or a warm wool cardigan to protect you from the winter chill.

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