Linen Dresses

Sustainable and ethical linen dresses for women

At IVALO.COM online store you will find beautiful, sustainable, and ethically made linen dresses for everyday and special occasions. The widest range of linen dresses is offered by the Greek manufacturer Haris Cotton, but you should also check out the range of the Finnish brands PURA Finland and Archetype, as well as Enteliér from Poland.

Ecological linen breathes and feels comfortable even in hot weather. The light and airy linen dress is often thought of as a summer dress, but you can also wear it all year round by pairing it with a warm sweater, for example.

By choosing a linen dress, you can make an eco-choice, as linen offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cotton. It is a natural, durable and breathable fiber. Linen does not require much water, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow. It can also be grown in poorer soils.

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