Summer Dresses

Sustainable and ethical summer dresses for women

What would summer be without flowy hems? Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the light. Dress up in a lovely summer dress and enjoy the magical mood of summer days. Pick up the loveliest - and of course responsible - summer dresses and beach dresses from IVALO.COM's selection.

We have a comprehensive range of summer dresses for women in a variety of styles. Everyone can find the perfect one for themselves. Just pick the model, length, color and style you like. Choose a light linen dress, a charming lace dress, a casual kaftan or a captivating floral dress.

There are also patterns and prints to choose from, with something to suit every taste. Try a floral dress, go wild in a graphic print dress or fall in love with a striped dress. Summer dresses offer the chance to play around with different styles. Explore freely!

Brighten up your day with a yellow or white summer dress

Summer is a time of light and color! And what better way to celebrate this season of joy than to get some colorful summer dresses to match the mood in your wardrobe? IVALO.COM's extensive range of responsible summer dresses also offers a rich palette of color. Would you choose a yellow, blue or green summer dress? A brightly colored summer dress is guaranteed to attract attention.

Which of the colours is synonymous with the sun? Well, yellow of course! In a yellow sundress, you'll shine with the sun and spread good cheer all around you. See our selection of women's yellow summer dresses here.

The white summer dress is a classic that will accentuate your gorgeously tanned skin. You'll find linen dresses, beach dresses, and lace dresses in white. Check out the range from Scarlett Poppies, for example, known for its gorgeous hand-embroidered holiday and summer-inspired dresses. Find IVALO.COM's white summer dresses here.

Bright red is a bold dresser's choice. Red summer dresses are eye-catching and attract attention. Find women's red summer dresses here.

Discover a dress for your summer party

Weddings and parties are also part of summer. We offer summer dresses for parties and weddings. A festive option is, for example, a gorgeous silk dress. An elegant floral dress always works, too. For a more casual summer wedding, you can also wear a beautiful lace dress or a print dress. Finish off the wedding party style with a pair of strappy sandals and a cute little bag in matching color.

For a garden party, a breathable linen dress is a lovely choice. The ever-popular black color of the dresses also works for an elegant summer style. You can also let the summer florals take over your outfit or stand out from the crowd with a colorful dress beauty over you.

And let's not forget the summer graduation parties. A summer dress is also a charming graduation dress. At IVALO.COM, the sustainable fashion online store, you'll also find a dress option for your college party and other graduation events.

How to find the right length summer dress?

There is a choice of lengths for summer dresses: choose a maxi dress, midi dress or short dress.

A long dress, also known as a maxi dress, is a stylish dress style that flatters a wide range of body types. For example, pair a lovely maxi linen dress with a wide-brimmed straw hat and head to the park or beach for a picnic in style.

The midi dress comes to the knee or just below. It's suitable for any occasion and is comfortably lightweight even on a hot summer day. A short mini-dress is perfect for casual days at the beach or an evening out.

How do I choose the perfect dress for a summer day?

The perfect summer dress is bound to mean different things to different people and there is no one right solution. The most important thing is to find the perfect dress for you that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You should also think about the occasions on which you plan to wear the dress and what colors and patterns you like.

Pick up ideas from our suggestions for different occasions:

  • Short and brightly colored summer dress for a girls' night out
  • Black maxi dress for a timelessly chic look
  • A sweet floral dress for a city holiday
  • An eye-catching silk dress for a friend's wedding
  • Soft and comfortable cotton dress for the beach
  • Easy slip-on dress for a holiday trip
  • Breathable linen dress for a hot day
  • Embroidered lace dress for picnics

A short-sleeved or sleeveless dress is perfect for a warm summer's day and a long-sleeved dress for cloudy weather. Pay attention to the fit too: do you feel more comfortable in a loose summer dress or is a more fitted style more your style more your taste?

IVALO.COM offers only ecological and ethical summer dresses for women

Our offer includes a wide range of ecological and ethical fashion brands for women. Popular Finnish dress brands include Aarrelabel, Kaiko, Miia Halmesmaa, and Globe Hope. When looking for dresses, it's also worth taking a look at what's on offer from brands like Residus or Enteliér. We also have large sizes of summer dresses. If you want to expand your search, check out the rest of our selection of women's dresses.

We've worked hard to ensure that you can shop with good conscience, knowing that your clothes are made under fair and ethical working conditions. All brands sold on IVALO.COM meet at least the minimum requirements of the Sustainable Fashion Framework. You can find more information on this topic in the product information for each product.