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Best plus size party dresses from IVALO.COM

IVALO.COM is committed to enhancing the diversity of its sustainable fashion selection.

An important part of our work is expanding the range of sustainable dresses on IVALO.COM to serve as many people and individual needs as possible.

The role of the dress selection in our size-inclusive service is significant, as dresses are the most popular product category on IVALO.COM for most of the year.

If you're looking for plus-size party fashion, check out the following style and brand guide. We have validated the sustainability and selected options for those looking for XL dresses.

Simple and beautiful - Kaiko

Kaiko women's plus-size dresses

Finnish Kaiko dresses are known for their models that suit various body types and for their comfort.

Kaiko's soft cotton dresses and EcoVero™ are easy materials to wash and maintain. The dresses are designed for frequent use.

Kaiko is especially loved for its unique patterns. Both patterned and solid-colored dresses are available up to size XXL.

Kaiko's sizing is generally generous. It’s worth checking the body measurement chart to see if the garment corresponds to its size or if it’s better to choose one size smaller than usual.

Timeless and subdued - Niinmun

Niinmun neutral XL dresses

Born in the Turku archipelago, the Niinmun brand creates effortless dresses from natural materials.

The Niinmun collection also offers large sizes in dresses, always beyond the concept of seasons. The Niinmun selection features long-lasting and practical favorite dresses for lovers of minimalism.

The refined aesthetics, suitable for the taste of a mature woman, make the same dress versatile for many purposes.

Explore, for example, the popular linen dresses from the Niinmun brand, available in stylish shades up to size XXL.

Color and attitude - Mainio, Aarrelabel, Papu Design

Colorful plus-size party dress

Beloved Mainio, Aarre, and Papu are trusted names in Finnish sustainable fashion, embodying durability and comfort with plenty of story and attitude.

The message of Mainio, Aarre, and Papu is full of the joy and boldness of dressing, applicable to everyone regardless of age, gender, or body type.

These brands champion tolerance and open-mindedness, offering large clothing sizes in the name of diversity.

Mainio's long party dresses have been a hit for the spring-summer season 2024, Aarre loves to make clothes “for everyone,” and Papu caters to curvy figures with diverse designs and dress options.

Abundant and soulful - Miia Halmesmaa, Studio Sieluisa

Soulful plus-size dresses

Miia Halmesmaa's dresses have been perennial favorites in sustainable fashion for several years.

The one-size dress design is loose-fitting, with Halmesmaa’s cuts masterfully fitting users of different sizes.

The abundant and striking design is perfect for celebrations or other unique special occasions.

Halmesmaa's dresses are made from surplus materials, making the fabrics' colors and patterns unique, so there are not many identical dresses available.

Halmesmaa's studio sews the dresses to order in Finland.

Similarly, Studio Sieluisa, a high-quality newcomer in Finnish XL dress manufacturing, produces dresses on a made-to-order basis.

Isabella from Studio Sieluisa creates comfortable, presentable, and body-friendly dresses in her sewing studio, where materials and skilled craftsmanship are sources of pride.

Edge and design - Studio Heijne

Elegant plus-size dresses

Studio Heijne creates tailored and unique plus-size fashion.

Studio Heijne's XL party dresses exude international flair, quality, and classic style.

The collections also feature strong design-oriented statement pieces, allowing you to experience the special style of a uniquely designed garment.

According to Heijne's philosophy, every body is unique, and finding the right size can be a challenge. Heijne aims to adapt their collections and sizing so that poor fit or size issues are never a concern.

Heijne's short and long XL party dresses are responsibly made in the brand's atelier in Lithuania.

Sustainable plus-size dress

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