Swimwear trends for summer 2024

Swimwear trends for summer 2024

Are you in a need for a new swimsuit or bikinis this year?

Remember, the most eco-friendly swimwear is already in your wardrobe. But if your old swimwear is worn out or doesn't fit right now, take a look at what's in store for responsible swimwear fashion this summer.

We offer both stylish and comfortable women's swimwear for sunbathing in the backyard, the balcony, the nearby cliffs, and the cottage docks.

An enjoyable sunny summer of 2024 awaits.

Swimwear trends summer 2024


Summer swimsuits glow in delicious colors. Popular colors include various greens, orangey reds, bright blues, and lemon yellows.

Warm shades look good on tanned olive skin and cool ones suit a milky complexion.

Of course, you can choose classic black or white, but this summer, it's allowed to stand out on the beaches and by the pool.

Colorful swimwear and blue bikinis

High waist

The high waist is by no means a granny style, but the absolute trend for summer swimwear.

The high waist is the modern wearer's choice, giving swimwear a contemporary and stylish look.

The high waist feels great and provides some protection for sensitive skin areas from the sun.

High waist bikini bottoms can either be paired with a bikini top of the same color or you can boldly choose different patterns or colors for the bottoms and tops.

High waist swimwear

Without extras, please

Push ups are out of the question for summer 2024, as swimsuits and bikinis are now wanted organically.

The natural trend is also reflected in swimwear, with fewer strongly shaping materials and fewer underwires and paddings. 

Gently contouring materials follow the curves, features, and shapes of the body just as they are.

For the more modest, choose a sturdy double-layered fabric, a patterned swimsuit, and/or a textured fabric to provide visual coverage for the nipples.

Purple bikinis


Swimming is now at the latest done in eco-friendly materials.

Responsible fashion brands do not use virgin materials in their swimwear, as the durability and comfort of recycled alternatives are quite advanced.

Choose recycled nylon/polyamide ECONYL® for your swimsuit or bikini, which feels nice and soft on the skin.

Eco-materials are processed in an environmentally friendly process into new swimwear, for example, from plastic waste collected from the oceans.

Ecological swimwear


In summer 2024, a trendy swimsuit might leave one side or shoulder bare.

Various straps, deep V-necks, and other revealing cuts are also popular.

Mesh material has jumped from the lingerie drawer to the beach bag, as transparency is also fashionable in swimwear.

Asymmetric swimwear

One piece is in

In recent years, tiny string bikinis have already been replaced on the catwalks by full swimsuits.

In the summer of 2024, it's acceptable to pair a stylish swimsuit even with trousers and heels.

Especially classic, high-quality, and design-oriented swimsuits are welcome even in the city and cafes.

One piece swimsuit

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