The most interesting unisex brands of sustainable fashion at IVALO.COM

If you’re looking for clothes that don’t suggest any gender you can choose androgynous designs. Unisex clothing typically has certain versatility, freedom, and easiness. 

Take a look at these unisex brands and find out what’s made for your wardrobe.

The unisex style of today is limitless. It’s ok for men to wear dresses and flowers, while women put on oversized blazers and leather shoes.

So, feel free to enjoy eg. the enchanting designs of Aarrelabel in a completely gender-neutral way. Orvokki looks fresh no matter who wears it.



The art brand Yahmo from Berlin creates interesting vintage designs. Urban courage and liberality are Yahmo's characteristics – but gender, not so much. 

Yahmo clothing is meant to be worn personality first. Just give eg. the popular unisex kimono a try and you’ll see.



An Argentinian designer Ricardo Chalar makes unisex clothing from organic and ecological materials for any creative mind. RAIZ streetwear comes from the heart of Madrid and stands out from the crowd.

RAIZ presents lovely colors and crazy statements for those not taking themselves too seriously. RAIZ products are manufactured carefully by hand in Spanish and Portuguese workshops.

NAKU Jewellery


This jewelry brand from Helsinki utilizes recycled materials and creates jewelry made to order. Every Naku piece is designed and manufactured uniquely in Finland.

NAKU is admired for its topical beauty and the stories told by the jewelry. Everyone wants to wear these treasures – men in suits, surfers, princesses. All who appreciate aesthetics, authenticity, and handicrafts, despite the gender.

Nomen Nescio


The black brand from Helsinki, Nomen Nescio, could be titled the pioneer of Finnish unisex design. Courageously leading its own way, Nomen Nescio presents stylish and minimalistic clothing – only in black. 

Nomen Nescio's goal is to give its customers a chance to wear a favorite outfit every day. No need to ponder too much about different options, just wear it and enjoy life.


Brava from Barcelona is a pure burst of joy. Brava is a master of toneful colors and fun prints. In their wide selection, there’s something for everyone. 

Brava’s sustainable clothing has a high degree of comfort, be it swimwear, cocktail dresses, or collared shirts.



The roots of ARCELEVN are in urban Helsinki. The streetwear brand has become a big name of the Finnish capital’s underground culture. 

The stylish streetwear selection by ARCELEVN is full of attitude, graphics, and topical shades. Besides Helsinki, the brand is inspired by the punk spirit of the 70s’.



More unisex street credibility from Helsinki is brought by WWOOLLFF CO. Their clothing represents love for music and street culture aesthetics, high-quality materials, handicrafts, and arts. 

WWOOLLFF CO. looks rough and tough but has a gentle and sustainable approach to their production and materials. Ethical and environmental issues are close to the brand's heart. 

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