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I for IVALO.COM. Our brand name is about genuine and pure Northern spirit. It sounds beautiful in all the languages in the world. We have borrowed the name from a place in Northern Finland. See what other letters of the alphabet mean to us.


#awareness is a social media concept of IVALO.COM used for sharing information about sustainable fashion. The concept is an educative guide for example in choosing better materials.


A part of IVALO.COM team lives in Barcelona and the city is also a home of many sustainable fashion brands available at our online store. The youthful and creative atmosphere of Barcelona is great for innovative startups and new-age projects.


IVALO.COM cheers for capsule wardrobes. Every seasonal selection should contain max. 30 clothes. When a season ends, the capsule is maintained and stored away until the next time. Some pieces, like high-quality T-shirts, will stay in the capsule all around the year. 

A capsule helps in controlling chaos – a coherent, well-considered wardrobe frees space, resources, and peace of mind.

Capsule warddrope


The ambition of IVALO.COM is to find and offer design that serves even the most demanding fashion lover.

IVALO.COM is an urban trailblazer attuned to the times presenting a modern, wide, and curated selection. We invest in premium and designer fashion as well as in top-quality small brands.


Pro Ethical Trade Finland (Eetti) is a non-profit organization that promotes trade justice, sustainable value chains, and ethical consumption. Their goal is to create a social movement that encourages people to take action for just world trade and raise awareness amongst youth on ethical consumerism.

Eetti is digging into grievances in global fashion industry supply chains, such as problems concerning environmental issues and human rights, and communicates publicly about the necessary changes.

Eetti’s Rank a Brand is an international criterion of corporate responsibility used to score different brands according to actions and transparency of their sustainable production.


Fashion Revolution is a non-profit global movement that campaigns for reform in the fashion industry. It aims at making the supply chains of fashion more open and transparent. 

Fashion Revolution campaign is in April. You can find more information on social media; #whomademyclothes #whatsinmyclothes


IVALO.COM is against greenwashing and wants to be a genuinely green clothes store. Every brand at IVALO.COM marketplace has to go through our sustainability framework criteria.

We don’t use the terms green or sustainable unless the product is fully made of organic or recycled materials. We have a comprehensive approach to sustainability.

HUOLLA! = Take care (in Finnish)

A long lifespan and efficiency of use are sustainability at its best. We stand for clothes maintenance and want to guide people to purchase clothes made of maintainable materials.

Cloth maintanence


IVALO.COM brand name is about genuine and pure Northern spirit. It sounds beautiful in all the languages in the world. 

IVALO.COM is a Finnish brand and company borrowing the name from a place in Northern Finland. In Lapland, the air is fresh, the clearest in the world, and the sky presents some amazing Aurora Borealis from time to time. IVALO.COM as well represents authentic courage and freshness. 


IVALO.COM has an open and straightforward corporate culture. We strive to work through joy and are not afraid of mistakes or admitting and facing them.

Even when the growth company brings challenging time limits and things happen rapidly, we are still on the hunt for good vibes without letting the stress get to us.  

KIERTOTALOUS = Circular economy (in Finnish)

In the circular economy, waste is minimized by maximizing the time that products and materials are circulating.

The world is facing notable challenges to reach emission targets. The degree of the circular economy should be multiplied.

The circular economy is seen in the fashion world in trending clothes maintenance, for example.

The pressure for increasing the circular economy enhances the utilization of recycled materials in clothes production. Sustainable manufacturers also organize maintenance and recycling for their products.


We favor the Finnish! IVALO.COM sells various lovely Finnish brands – local production reduces the carbon footprint of clothing.

The Finnish brands are praiseworthy in the transparency and conscientiousness of their operations. The production mostly happens in Finland, nearby in the Baltics, or at least inside Europe. 


Made to Order/Pre Order is the future of clothing. This is the best way to prevent the waste of resources and surplus production – that’s why many brands are choosing to do so.


Naturality symbolizes the basic idea and core mission of IVALO.COM. We want to change the fashion industry and become the new normal of clothing.

Fast fashion that exploits nature and people is in history. The only possible trend is to choose more ethical and ecological clothing.

OMPELU = Sewing (in Finnish)

People should take better care of their clothes. Instead of buying organic and recycled items, the most important matter is actually to stop and think about what we really need and how to get the best out of every product for years.

Slow fashion principles include the “old-fashioned” maintenance and repairing of the clothes.

PERUSVAATE = Basics (in Finnish)

A sock. A tee. Sweatpants. A cardigan. Jeans. IVALO.COM looks for the world’s best versions of the clothes used the most in the world. 

A sustainable high-quality sweater can bring a good mood and warmth next to forever. It’s good to be aware of who knits your favourite hat or where do your children’s everyday clothes come from.



All the brands sold at IVALO.COM aim to upgrade the quality of clothes production and the end products admirably. 

Many of the brands also offer guarantees and maintenance services as a part of their sustainability work. They want to stand behind their products with real faces and offer truly long-lived top-quality clothing for their customers.

RAKKAUS = Love (in Finnish)

IVALO.COM's slogan is “Only buy it if you love it” because the clothes you love stay with you for a much longer time.

We also strive for spreading love with our open-minded and tolerant values. We are on a mission for body positivity, diversity, and divergence.



Seasonless means ditching the idea of traditional seasonal collections. The lifespan of a single product thus becomes deliberately longer. 


Transparency is one of the core values of IVALO.COM. For us, it means open communications both inside the company and outside with all partners.

The customers of IVALO.COM also appreciate transparency as a motive for choosing our products.


We believe in courageous uniqueness without limits.

Gender neutrality is a very welcome trend when it comes to clothing because it promotes equality. Mixing clothes is not only fun, it's also effective - by blurring the boundaries between personal clothes and accessories, one pair of clothes gets more uses.

VASTUULLISEN MUODIN VIITEKEHYS = Sustainability Framework (in Finnish)

IVALO.COM has developed a framework for sustainable fashion together with Aalto University. This framework makes sure that all the brands sold at IVALO.COM take enough measures for sustainability.


World Environment Day is a celebration of the UN environmental program each year and has been ever since the 70s’. Because of the ongoing environmental crisis, the day has gotten some new tones and meanings as well.

World Environment Day is the 5th of June and is marked on social media with; #OnlyOneEarth.


X – Y – Z

IVALO.COM customers are the new generations with awareness. X is a group that values unique style and high quality.

Diginative millennials (Y) appreciate the experiences and easiness of online buying. They are interested in trends, sustainable values, and environmental issues.

Z is the generation owned by social media. They value diversity, self-expression, and self-realization.

YRITYSVASTUU = Corporate responsibility (in Finnish)

A sustainable company takes account of the impact it has on people, the environment, and society in all its actions – and at the very least operates in a way that comes with no negative effect for any of these involved. 


Zero Waste -ideology is about avoiding waste in both production and consumption. The manufacturers re-use surplus fabrics and the planning is made very precisely.

Zero Waste is a perfect part of a circular economy – everything can be repaired and recycled. Purchasing second-hand products are a good way to support the ideology.


The well-known Finnish city Turku is also famous at IVALO.COM. The talents of the city are visible in our store in many ways – our Digi leaders and the awesome team of marketing trainees come from Turku. In our second native language Swedish, Turku is called Åbo.

IVALO.COM admires the second-hand culture of Turku – in the oldest city in Finland, people know how to appreciate old things.

ÄLY = Intelligence (in Finnish)

The collective intelligence of IVALO.COM is a result of our community. In the team, nobody is above the others – we all build wisdom together with our personal views.

Open communications in our diginative company make us a practical test lab as well. It's always a work in progress, but we're always experimenting.


The products and materials of the IVALO.COM brands have been issued various certificates to show that certain sustainability standards are met.

The standards concern e.g. product safety, organic and recycled materials, social and environmental sustainability, fair trade and working conditions, and sustainable caretaking of animals and forests.

ÖKO-TEX Standard 100 is one of the most well-known certificates for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances.

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