Top 4 sustainable interior brands

Autumn winds can blow when your home is cozy and warm. Summer will soon give way to the coolness and serenity of autumn, and the best time to enjoy your home is just around the corner.

The summer favorites of the IVALO.COM Home collection have been AmourLinen's perfect linens and Homehagen's fresh cotton in delicious shades.

For the autumn home, we recommend also warm blankets, fresh kitchen textiles, beautiful storage solutions from Mifuko, and stylish and cheerful rugs from Finarte.

All products in the IVALO.COM range have undergone extensive sustainability validation. It is important to consider the sustainability of the production process and the company that manufactures the products, not only for clothing but also for interior design products.

Finarte - carpet art from the 80s


The prestigious Finnish carpet design house represents the perfect balance of trends and tradition. 

Finarte products are made by skilled Indian craftsmanship. Manufacturing partnerships are based on lifelong relationships with people and communities.

Discover Finarte's modern rag rugs, stunning creations by innovative designers, and other home furnishing textiles at IVALO.COM.

Mifuko - a sustainability pioneer since 2009


Mifuko is a community of strong and independent women, based on fair trade principles.

The sustainability leader produces the most beautiful consumer goods, home furnishings, and storage using ethical African craftsmanship.

Mifuko's baskets and basket bags are a stylish and practical way to store your groceries, workday essentials, or small and large items that need storage at home.

AmourLinen - the finest Lithuanian linen


AmourLinen, an IVALO.COM favorite that has reached explosive popularity, manufactures linen clothing, bedding, towels, and kitchen textiles with a zero waste policy.

AmourLinen uses the best certified European linen for its products, with a quality you can feel straight away. The products are ethically handcrafted in Vilnius.

Homehagen - Danish style and joy of life


Jan and Henrik, who worked in fashion in Copenhagen and London, collaborated to create Homehagen.

The Homehagen collection includes home textiles such as sheets, cushions, and towels. The brand's signature style is a selection of irresistible colors and stylish "hygge".

Homehagen products are made in Portugal, where traditional craftsmanship and fine fabrics have been a visible part of culture and history for centuries.

Homehagen not only brightens up your everyday life but also solves all your gift problems. Homehagen's aesthetics and packaging make it the ultimate gift brand for any style and quality-conscious person.

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