Best of Basics - 7 tips for an easier everyday life

After a summer full of energy, it's lovely to settle down to a fresh, serene autumn, enjoying a routine that is good for you. 

Update your autumn wardrobe with quality socks, underwear and other base layers.

A functional basic wardrobe of a few everyday pieces will make it easier for quick mornings, functional dressing and everyday decision making.

What are the best contemporary basics for sustainable fashion? Take a look at IVALO.COM's list of easy everyday tips and complete your basics:

1. CharlieMary's superset


If your cottons need a bit of a facelift, we recommend you check out CharlieMary. Their focus is on circularity and they only use deadstock materials in their production.

Our autumn favourite is CharlieMary's soft and comfortable underwear dress + undershirt in a reasonably priced set. The spaghetti-neck dress and top feel comfortable and fit perfectly under other clothes. 

With skin-on underwear layers, you'll increase comfort and extend the wash cycle of your clothes.

TIP: CharlieMary's entire range is made for an effortless capsule wardrobe.

2. Aarrelabel tights

Aarrelabel Tights

When your tights need an update, Aarrelabel is here to help.

Aarrelabel’s tights are a sure choice for the IVALO.COM-team and customers, as they are seamless and you don't really feel like them on you.

Aarre has produced chemical-free tights for all those who are tired of the discomfort of tights. 

These 3D tights are made from Q-NOVA® polyamide, which is recycled prior to production. For every pair of tights sold, Aarrelabel donates one euro to the Baltic Sea.

TIP: If you're looking for a flashier pair of tights, check out Hedoine. Vogue's hosiery products are the most impressive hosiery fashion of the autumn.

3. Residus Tencels

Residus Tencels

The Tencels from Residus makes you feel true love everyday. You can easily dress in style everyday, while feeling soft and lightweight. 

The Residus' Tencel range includes tops, t-shirts and turtleneck jackets that you can wear on their own or combine with knitwear, for example. By popular demand, Residus Tencel is also available in dresses and skirts. 

The quality of Residus is resistant to washing and wear. Lyocell (TENCEL™) is a particularly pleasant recycled fibre made from wood cellulose. 

TIP: If you're looking for everyday shirts, check out Finnish Aarrelabel and RIVA Clothing.

4. Sustainable (period)panties

CasaGin - Understatement

A small, but not insignificant piece of the wardrobe are your underpants. It's worth taking time looking for your own favourite panties, as finding the ones you like will improve your quality of life. Of course, the fit and comfort of the bra also plays a big role in everyday life.

IVALO.COM is renowned for its popular lingerie range, with stars such as Understatement and CasaGin. Understatement's specialities include colours, lace and also seamless underwear. 

As a new hit, Understatement has launched period panties, which even surprised the manufacturers with its enormous popularity. The period panties sold out immediately after launch and new batches are eagerly awaited.

A public secret of IVALO.COM-team is their addiction to CasaGin's silky soft Tencel modal. We're willingly revealing our lingerie boxes so that others can discover one of our everyday delights.

TIP: Check out the bra size and design guide on the IVALO.COM blog.

5. Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings, a manufacturer of eco-friendly hosiery, is an innovative company that is not only ecological, but also stylish and bold.

Not only are tights the most fashionable garment of the autumn, but a functional socks department makes everyday life easier. 

Quality socks are an important part of dressing up. With just a pair of socks, you can elevate the style and quality of your outfit.

The best for warm autumn weather are Billy ribbed socks made of bamboo and Thea socks made of cotton.

On chilly mornings, warm up with Freja knee socks in thin and soft merino wool, which will give you a taste of what quality socks can be.

TIP: Swedish Stockings also has other lovely things to wear on your skin. Check out leggings and tops, for example, perfect for gentle exercise.

6. Enteliér shirts

Entelier Shirts 
A classic staple is the button-up shirt, which is one of the most fashionable individual garments for autumn 2023.

If you're looking for a smart quality shirt for your capsule wardrobe, check out the shirts range from Polish studio Enteliér.

Quality shirts are easy to combine and will quickly become a wardrobe staple. 

Enteliér is one of IVALO.COM's favourite womenswear brands. Enteliér offers smart and stylish pieces at affordable prices.

TIP: Enteliér makes IVALO.COM's most wanted dresses.

7. Off With Nature Affordable Sweats

Off With Nature 
A super-affordable rarity in sustainable fashion is Italian label Off With Nature, whose clothes are the best for autumnal cozy adventures.

Let it rain, because during the autumn storm you can relax on the sofa and read, watch series, eat and enjoy the autumn. 

OWN collegiate clothing is perfect to wear at home, for everyday activities and free-time.

The urban colours give the clothes an edge that works for out-of-home occasions too.

TIP: You can find affordable cotton from Finnish brands such as Aarrelabel and RIVA Clothing. 

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