Sustainable Stars - Finarte

IVALO.COM's Sustainable Stars blog concept highlights the brands leading the way in sustainability.

Finarte, a leading Finnish manufacturer of designer carpets, has been in business since the 1980s.

Finarte has worked uncompromisingly throughout the decades and has delighted countless interior designers with its stylish textiles and colors.

The genuine joy of making shines from Finarte. The brand offers sustainable and beautiful design products in a wide range of price categories. That's why Finarte rugs have a wide user base that appreciates sustainability, domesticity, bold design, and a suitable price level.

Works of art for floors 


"Our designs are inspired by both current themes and age-old themes such as tradition, emotion, and humanity," says Larissa Immonen, CEO of Finarte.

"We work closely with many designers who bring interesting ideas to our collection. 

We will continue to make bold and vibrant designs, which for us means colors, interesting textures, and above all, great practical works of art for people's floors."

The joy of sustainability


Finarte believes in optimism, positivity, and the common good. For Finarte, sustainability is holistic; the sum of many different components. 

Finarte is constantly striving not only to do its best but also to improve on the past. There is no standard or target that cannot be exceeded. 

Social responsibility and human rights are particularly important to Finarte. The brand's collections are woven in India, which is why sustainability is a constant tangible action and open dialogue for Finarte. Indian artisans have been making Finarte rugs for 30 years.

"There has to be a genuine desire and effort to meet and develop sustainability together," says Larissa Immonen. 

"In addition, the use of ecological materials has always been important to us, in fact, we have been using recycled materials since Finarte was founded in the 1980s."

All-time favorites and bestsellers


Finarte's cornerstone is the design rag runs, of which new modern versions are also being created. Modern rag rugs are a great match for timeless Scandinavian interiors.

The brand's bestsellers Atrium, Suovilla, and Dyyni are all-time favorites that are constantly finding their way into people's homes. They fit into a wide range of interiors, always bringing a little something new with them. 

"Of course, we love all our products! Especially the collection designed by Juslin Maunula, who recently won the Young Designer of the Year award, and most recently Minni Havasse's interesting fashion prints are absolutely stunning," says Larissa Immonen. 

The collection is expanding


Over the past year, Finarte has been working on a brand overhaul, which will soon be seen in a renewed appearance. 

In addition, Finarte is launching a lovely new collection of bedspreads and other home products. The stunning new Finarte products will see the light of day at Habitare and Helsinki Design Week in September 2023.