The Staples Edit by Voglia - the lovely ease of dressing up

The Finnish fashion house Voglia has long traditions when it comes to high-quality tailoring, sustainability, and the Finnish top-quality standards. Ever since the ’80s, Voglia has dressed up Finns and seen all of the colorful years and decades of different styles. Voglia is still a success, continuing to develop and observe which way the tides of fashion are moving now.

Voglia Staples edit


One of the responses to the needs of today is The Staples Edit collection by Vogliait perfectly suits the ideology of high-quality sustainable wardrobe. This virtually means a widening selection of Voglia’s Basic product line, now under a new name. These trusty everyday clothes are comfortable, stylish, and durable – loyally serving you for a long time. They build a great base for any wardrobe.  

Sustainable high-quality basics all at once

The clothes of The Staples Edit collection are easy and safe choices. The professionals at Voglia have been thinking well through the versatile ways of use and combinability of the pieces. 

The Staples Edit selection includes both old and new Voglia designs. Staples means collared shirts, various styles of trousers, jerseys, knits, dresses and skirts – all of them made easy to combine for different outfits and seasons. These wardrobe basics are made of top-quality materials. They are easy to wear and to take care of.  

Toive-stripes on Ada and Agnes shirts

The new stripe by Voglia

Staples collection also presents the new stripe design named Toive (Wish). This design will be seen in various new tones in the future. Toive is a stylish combination of timeless classiness and modern rhythm – you immediately find something familiar in it, alongside something fresh and new. The word Toive (Wish) is also one of the meanings of the Italian word Voglia. 

Kristina Shirt

The Staples Edit favourite: a versatile collar shirt Kristina

The grand darling of Voglia, Kristina collar shirt, settles and flows in such a lovely way that it surely deserves its position as the shining star of the Staples collection, too. Top-quality shirt is a very important basic piece that always suits you, in both everyday and festive use. Kristina is made for a simply elegant Scandinavian capsule wardrobe.

Kristina is available in seven sophisticated colors. As the special edition of Spring 2021, you can find Kristina in a new Lilja design with topical terra tones.

Kiera and Kimber pants

Voglia recommends: Keira and Kimber 

Voglia would especially like to recommend two pieces of the Staples collection – two different trousers that are designed with care to fit in style: Keira and Kimber

Keira and Kimber are both made of top-quality mix of triacetate (from wood pulp) and recycled polyester. The material is elastic, durable, crease-resistant and doesn’t lint of fluff. There are also some dresses and a blazer available of the same material. 

The stylish yet relaxed Keira is a topical loose fit with a high waistline and straight cut legs. Kimber comes with a high waist as well, and wide cut pressed legs. Both trousers are suitable for celebration with some accessories, and go perfectly as an ensemble with the Kenzie blazer

Kenzie is the true favorite pick of IVALO.COM, when it comes to the Staples collection. This topical, exquisitely produced classical blazer will become the long-life (even forever) beloved piece of women of all ages. Kenzie elevates the elegance level of any outfit to classy heights.

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