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One of the Finnish pride that we have is LUMI, who produces leather products. The first spark Lumi got from New York and is a brainchild of a Finnish-French business partners. Lumi is sold in over 25 countries around the world, including many exclusive fashion stores and boutiques. 

Lumi Salmiakki bag, Lumi Printed Cotton Drawstring Tote Large

Lumi is also known in Finland for their bestseller Supermarket Bag which launch, ten years ago, bounced the bag to the all-time favorite of fashion accessories. 

By 2021 Lumi has become a brand of quality and interesting, timeless design with a versatile collection. IVALO.COM asked Lumi’s founder Sanna Kantola, what is going on?

Why has LUMI been successful already for over 20 years?

- Lumi is bought because it is Finnish, simple, and functional design pleases as well as products are timeless. Nevertheless, we get a lot of positive feedback about our versatile color scheme, Sanna Kantola says.

- 80% of Lumi’s leather products are made of vegetable-tanned leather, which does not cause as huge stress on the environment as chrome-tanned leather. We can offer a wide range of ecological colors.

- The best of Lumi from both our and our customers’ point of view is that timeless, functional, colorful, and simple design. Also, materials supporting sustainable development - vegetable-tanned leather, and new recycled materials are rising all the time taking a bigger role. 

Lumi Venla All-on-one Pouch, Lumi Kumiko backpack

What are LUMI’s favorite products?

- Venla All-in-one Pouch is Lumi’s bestseller: nice size, unbelievably functional insides, and its price on the right level to refresh a closet easily as a new color splash. It also works as a great gift. Venla is offered in classic black, cognac, and beige colors as well as new lovely colors.

- New Normals collection is the newest of all and produced 99% of recycled-based materials. Products are super light and waterproof and very functional. Collection’s most popular product is Kumiko backpack, which fits both men and women and can be carried in four different ways. Kumiko has a soft inside pocket for a laptop.

- Woven Line is Lumi’s most sold collection at the moment. Woven Line -products are durable, vegetable-tanned leather and the collection includes both woven leather bags and simple sleek bags. Collection’s most popular items are the woven small bags Trine and Toarie as well as Tote Backpack which has an inside pocket for a laptop and can be carried as a backpack, a shoulder bag, or a messenger. 

Lumi Woven Elsi

What inspires LUMI’s design?

- The start point of Lumi’s design is always Finnish and Nordic lifestyle. This can be seen as simplicity, functional design, and details, such as “Finnish-blue” lining or a piece of the Finnish flag.

- Lumi has designed besides bags and accessories also a lifestyle -collection, which has gotten its inspiration from four Finnish seasons and Nordic plants. All products are packed into recyclable glass bottles and shingle baskets. 

- The development of the products towards the lifestyle-world as well as material development towards novel, sustainable development are still part of Lumi’s current improvement points. Lumi’s selection also develops towards the continuous collection and on the other hand, new products are created frequently around the year. At the moment newest products are New Normal -collection and Lumi’s face masks which include a pocket for an exchangeable filter.

- Lumi develops products as well as services that already include fixing services. In the near-future, Lumi will launch a renting service for products and an experiment-based shop. 

Lumi erika reppu

What does responsibility mean to LUMI?

- Lumi produces its products always in a factory that follows international agreements and operates according to good working conditions and level of wages. We operate only with responsible factories, suppliers, and partners. Lumi always checks all the partner factories personally.

- Lumi’s leather products are 80% made of vegetable-tanned leather, which causes less stress to the environment than chrome-tanned leather. New Normals -collection is 99% made of recycled-based material - this includes all the part materials, not only the topmost material but also zipper parts.

- Lumi’s products have a two years guarantee after which we offer affordable fixing services. After launching the fixing service Lumi does not cause any product waste. Lumi’s collections' last pieces and surface defected products are sold with fair discounts in Lumi’s Outlet -store which helps to reduce the waste to the minimum.

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