Welcome to IVALO.COM’s Women’s day on March 8

Sustainable fashion happily celebrates the UN’s international women’s day, which was first celebrated in 1975.

Who makes your clothes?

IVALO.COM has built the sustainability framework in cooperation with Aalto University, including the three most important sustainability dimensions. One linchpin is the social impact of the fashion industry. 

Fashion brands sold at IVALO.COM guarantee their manufacturers safe and fair working conditions. At a minimum, it means that the brand does not accept a child or forced labor nor unsafe or unfair workspace. People working in the production of clothes are paid reasonable wages and they are offered education as well as decent working hours. 

By picking a socially responsible fashion brand, we can improve the quality of life and treatment of those people, especially women, working in the production. 

More than fine

Many of the brands sold at IVALO.COM invest in social responsibility and women’s human right-work more than usual. 

For example, The Knotty Ones operating in Lithuania and New York enables the living of Lithuanian housewives fairly and safely. From The Knotty Ones, it is possible to order the world’s most beautiful knitwear made by the women of the periphery. 

A sustainable bag brand from Amsterdam, O MY BAG, produces simple and elegant eco-leather designs in the Kolkata area in India. O MY BAG’s remarkable India-program works towards equality and women’s possibilities to influence by decreasing poverty and deprivation. 

Finnish Kaiko Clothing is a kid’s and women’s clothing brand that invests in ethical production and leads 7% of the revenue of sold clothing to women’s education in developing countries. 

Kaiko’s charity partner is Women’s Bank and special destination the Lalitpur area in Nepal, where a powerful earthquake struck in 2015. Women’s Bank’s work aims to develop, expand and strengthen the local institutions led by women that work for the social, economical, and cultural rights of the local women. 

Dressing is also a solidarity act

Nowadays responsible women in privileged countries want to choose humane and solidarity options to their dressing. Collective woman power means also noticing and valuing the underprivileged and disadvantaged people. Even with small choices, we can value human dignity regardless of gender. 

On Women’s Day, IVALO.COM congratulates all wonderful working women, designers, and partners. Lovely customers and people creating a sustainable supply chain around the world. Have a bright Women’s Day 8.3.2021!

As a Women’s Day gift IVALO.COM delivers all online store orders in Finland without a delivery fee of 8.3.-9.3.2021 with a code WOMEN. The benefit applies to orders over 100€.

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