Back to basics - 10 key items to your wardrobe

In the chaos of the world, which is difficult to control, it is sometimes good to stop at the basics. The 10 carefully selected cornerstones in the wardrobe relieve stress and remind you that sometimes less is more.

1. Lost socks? If you struggle every day with broken pantyhose or lonely socks without pairs, you might consider renewing your selection.


 To reduce stress, keep your sock stock limited and organized. Invest in some sports socks, classic color basic socks and tights, and a couple of pairs with colors/prints at a time. In winter you might also appreciate woolly socks or super soft, fluffy home socks.

TIP: Rotholz from Germany uses very thin and breathable virgin wool in their socks. 

Komodo presents unique and colorful cotton socks to brighten up your style.


2.Underwear – supposed to be unnoticeable at times, prestige on other occasions. The main thing is that they fit their user in looks and size while feeling airy to wear. 

Lovanna lingerie and Brava fabrics boxers

The rule of thumb about brassiere is one pair to wear, one in the closet, and one in the laundry. Any bra should be washed gently and according to the instructions.
About the underpants, the trend now is breathable materials, seamless cuts, and absolute comfort.

TIP: If you prefer loose and fun panties, check out the organic boxers by Brava Fabrics.

Vatter has a wide selection to serve all kinds of tastes.

Finnish Lovanna and French Olly present feminine comfort and elegance.


3. Undershirt – exactly the way you want. If you don’t like it visible, it doesn’t show. Stretch or not? Not too long or too wide… and what about the strap size? If you catch yourself using the same undershirt over and over, do yourself a favor and recycle the rest. Try to find more of those favorite ones, so the laundry day brings less crisis.

Vatter under garments

In your capsule wardrobe, it would be optimal to have one skin toned, one white/light, and one black/dark version of undershirts.

TIP: Vatter and Story of Mine have wide selections of reasonable price-quality undershirts to meet all kinds of needs, for both men and women –  in a responsible fashion.


4. Probably the most classic basic item in clothing is a white T-shirt. It’s wise to purchase a real quality one, to have and hold a long lifespan. Think about the style you want: is it a classy and smart tight fit or relaxed, loose comfort? Thicker fabric usually gives a more dressy appearance, as well as enhances the ability of the shirt to keep a good posture.


It’s clever to consider some colors to your taste also in your T-shirt collection. In wintertime you will appreciate long sleeves to your T, to wear under cardigans and jumpers.

TIP: Our muse in style from Berlin, Frisur, has a selection with a myriad of colors – in top quality ecological cotton.


5. A turtleneck! Timeless, stylish polo shirt: it’s trendy now and forever, by itself or under a blazer or a sweater. You can find light ones or heavy ones just as you please. Black is always in style, but we recommend giving a thought to other options as well – from the trendy season colors to dark blue shades and tinted whites too. 

Whyred striped polo shirt

TIP: Whyred and Residus from Stockholm are experts of trendy and elegant turtlenecks.

6. A jumper, a sweater, or both? If you love the knitted ones, choose from a compact collection of them in your basic wardrobe. The rule of thumb – a few items of your favorite cuts and colors – can be applied just as well to the trendy cotton shirts and colleges, if that’s more your cup of tea. Think thoroughly about what design and how many you really need, so that your whole wardrobe gets the utilization it deserves.

Eticlo sweater

TIP: The favorite sweaters for males are found at Kings of Indigo and Rotholz.Style-conscious men search for example Nomen Nescio and Whyred.

The female looking for a premium sweater style might wanna take a look at the sharp colleges of Eticlò, Brava Fabrics, and August.


7. A hoodie. It used to be a thing of the youth, but today is completely valid to wear at work. The idea is its versatility and great favorite potential. Find one of comfortable and durable quality – it will give you loads of precious moments together on the couch, in the grocery store, in the forest jogging paths, or telecommuting at your laptop. 

Craga hoodie

TIP: Top hoodie professionals are for example the Finnish Craga and WWOOLLFF. CO. 


8. The famous Long Johns. Leggings are haute couture, and the new blooming era of nature/outdoor hobbies brings the old-fashioned layers to their true value once again. What would be more lovely to wear on cold winter days than the super soft merino wool longies – and why would anyone prefer anything over long johns while couching?

Ninepine leggings

Notice also the shorter versions: bikers, knee-length leggings, and micro shorts are now in the spotlight around the world’s catwalks!

TIP: Gymnasts/aerobic trainers or anyone who moves: an absolute piece of gold is the Sweat Harder -leggings from the Swedish Ninepine. They can be used as sporty everyday trousers as well. Check also Vatter.

Awesome short ones can be found at Nomen Nescio and super cute knitted bikers at The Knotty Ones.


9. Blue jeans – the basics of the basics. Wear them sharp, businesslike, chic, or laid-back. IVALO.COM has a wide range of jeans: dig in to find your own style, shape, and wash!

Kings of Indigo jeans

TIP: The most reliable jeans in the world you’ll find at Kings of Indigo. Their denim is a result of a long journey and hard work for utter responsibility.  Jeans are one of the most problematic items of mass fashion around the world, so it totally pays off to invest in the safe and ecological products of the denim industry.

Kings of Indigo production is PETA-approved (vegan), 100% certified organic cotton, PP spray free, and using 100% inspected facilities.

10. Nice and comfy college pants are the cream of loungewear. Durable quality materials make these darlings love you softly and long time.


TIP: IVALO.COM favorites are Ninepine joggers and the stylish, comfortable slim fit sweatpants from Rotholz.

Top design lovers can never forget the catwalk-proof Boyfriend Pants by Mirkka Metsola. The stylish unisex design looks super on anyone, anywhere.

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