Responsibility leader Komodo is Tibet in an urban outfit

The golden ’80s – joyous and daring celebration of fashion. Who could ever forget the drainpipes and tippets, rivets and chains, leathers and prints of that era? The elements of the ’80s are still alive and well, moving around the cycles of trends, reminding us of the fun and naive times.

Back in the day, it was dangerously rare to speak about responsibility and sustainable development in the fashion world. The British responsibility leader Komodo, anyhow, was awake already then.

”The Original Ethical Brand Since '88”

Komodo is one of the true pioneers of responsible fashion. Komodo has committed to eco-friendly fashion ever since 1988. Their business ethics are at a notably high level and the company also operates in socially responsible manners. Komodo is faithfully strict and proud of the appreciative treatment of its production staff in the poor areas of the world.

Komodo brand

Komodo clothing is produced in Kathmandu, Bali, and India. Due to the earthquake in Nepal, Komodo has searched for additional help from China. Thus they have been able to reduce the load in Nepal and move the products by a smaller carbon footprint. Komodo has worked with some of their factories for decades. The brand and its production facilities have grown together hand-in-hand – the factories are middle-sized family businesses, and the companionships loyal and warm. 

Top-quality certified eco-materials

Komodo uses solely first-class ecological and organic fibers in their products. They also utilize innovations such as PET plastic bottles in their raw materials. The whole chain of production is totally free of disposable plastic.

Komodo uses GOTS-certified cotton. This means there are no GMO seeds, pesticides, or fertilizers used in the production of cotton. Also, the methods used in organic farming protects the soil and the land. Thus organic cotton is in every way safer and more eco-friendly.

Cotton pud and trees

Komodo favors linen and linen-like hemp, which both are durable, breathable, and ecological. Tencel/Lyocell, made of wood pulp, is as well very comfortable to wear and completely biodegradable. Also, Komodo’s rayon is made of wood which looks and preserves colors in its wonderfully soft and artificial silk structure beautifully. Besides these materials, Komodo uses luxurious bamboo and 100% pure and mulesing-free wool. 

Ascetic design with great comfort

Komodo’s authentic cooperation with Nepal, India, and Indonesia also shows in the brand’s design. The clothes are far from the ’80s glam – their attributes are simplicity, minimalism, comfort, and unique colors alongside casual elegance.

Komodo dress and jumper

Komodo clothes are easy to instill into the Finnish archipelago view in the summer, just as well as some trendy coffeehouse in Kallio, Helsinki.  The practicality of Komodo pieces is ruptured by interesting details and stylish Eastern Asia inspired prints.

The look and hand feel of the ecological fabrics bring sophistication and character to Komodo clothes. Their style fit into the Scandinavian sense of shape, quality standards, and landscape of mind and soul, one could say, in a surprisingly hip way. 

IVALO.COM Komodo favorites

Komodo sunset shirt

#Stripey – There are not many clothes more classical and homely than a lovely striped shirt. Sunset shirt by Komodo is made of GOTS-cotton and hemp. Cropped sleeves and loose fit make this shirt up-to-date and versatile. Red or olive stripes are great choices for a fresh look. There are many different options too!

Komodo socks

#Sockinbeauty – Komodo socks are made of organic cotton, stretchy, and lovely to wear. There is a myriad of colors and prints to choose from for any style. 

Komodo Snow Rabbit coat

#Snowrabbit – trendy teddy jacket made of recycled bottles. The sleeves are designed to keep the wind outside, but also the grand pockets will help to keep your hands warm!

Komodo ecosneakers

#Ecosneako – these vegan eco sneakers are made of cotton and eco-friendly rubber with a super-light feel. Many colors, of which our favorite is the ageless white. Komodo shoe sizes tend to be a bit tight, so we recommend that you choose one size bigger than you normally do.

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