Protected from the rain - the most popular product of July 2023

This summer's most popular piece of sustainable fashion was a bit of a surprise - as surprising as the holiday season weather. 

The Amsterdam-based Rainkiss makes one-size-fits-all rain ponchos with a fun, urban style that turns a raincoat into a designer garment in one swoop.

Rarely does wearing a rain poncho make you feel so stylish, as if you're wearing something completely different than recycled waste bottles. 

For festivals, concerts, terraces and parties


If your summer schedule still includes festivals, gatherings, or concerts, you should be prepared.

Rain tends to be around the corner, even if the weather forecast is clear and no dark clouds are in sight. 

The Rainkiss poncho is lightweight and fits into a small space. You can easily wrap the poncho into a tight package in its own front pocket and store it in your bag.

The poncho is easy to carry, transport, use, and dry. You'll also find personalized Rainkiss ponchos for the little ones in the family and for pets.

For cycling and active lifestyle


The Rainkiss rain poncho is a cyclist's dream, as you can even pull the oversized hood over your cycling helmet and all your clothes will be spared from the worst. The cape's fair size also comes down to protect the cyclist's thighs. 

The poncho is perfect for outdoor activities with kids in all weather. Slip your poncho into your shopping bag or for a Sunday brunch, too. 

You can pull one of Rainkiss' flashy patterns over you to pick mushrooms in the forest and you'll stay safe even during the hunting season.

For everyday life and the office


Cover up your hairstyle and ironed shirt and take Rainkiss with you in your work bag. 

The Rainkiss rain poncho is an everyday eco deed. The garment is made from 100% recycled and Oeko-Tex certified polyester. 

Rainkiss uses recycled PET bottles as its raw material. Each poncho is made from at least 20 waste bottles.

Impress your colleagues and everyone on the street by this feel-good rainwear.


Black Polka

Rainkiss polka dot

IVALO.COM's favorite of the month for summer 2023 has been Rainkiss' Black Polka. 

The understated and slightly retro-style poncho resembles Finnish design and is a northern classic from the moment it was born.

Pink Panther

Rainkiss pink panther

In second place is the feisty panther pattern, which will make you a trendy and bold dresser in no time.

The combination of a brown pattern and a soft pink base is stylish and delicious.

Classic Smile & All Smiles

Rainkiss smiley

Are you all smiles? If not, a Rainkiss smiley will save the day for you and everyone around you. 

Rainkiss' black and white Classic Smile is timelessly stylish, but bolder smiley faces are also available.

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