Responsible fashion news reports that when it comes to swimsuits and bikinis, making an eco-conscious choice is becoming easy. 

There is no longer any reason to choose virgin materials, as there are eco-friendly alternatives for a better summer experience.

IVALO.COM has a range of great swimwear brands with products made from recycled materials.

Save the Wave


The most common eco-material for swimwear is recycled nylon/polyamide ECONYL®. Recycled polyesters are also used to some extent, the best known being REPREVE® and SEAQUAL® YARN.

ECONYL® is regenerated nylon that Aquafil launched in 2011.

ECONYL® is made from waste collected from the oceans, such as old fishing nets and industrial plastic. Old carpets and textile waste from the clothing industry are also used.

The manufacturing process of ECONYL® is 80% more climate-friendly than that of oil-based materials. The ingenious material can also be recycled again and again without any deterioration in the quality of the final product. 

ECONYL® is soft and comfortable to wear.


Lilja the Label


Helsinki-based Lilja the Label is sophisticated, beautiful, and simple in design. The collections consist of earthy colors combined with graphic and minimalist prints inspired by nature and vintage.

The brand's swimwear uses high-quality ECONYL® and REPREVE® materials, recycled from plastic waste.

All Lilja the Label products are ethically manufactured in a family-owned factory on the paradise island of Bali. Sustainable and safe manufacturing is an important part of the import chain for the brand.

1 People


1 People from Denmark is a sustainable clothing brand that relies on Scandinavian functionality and minimalism.

1 People are strict about the purity and safety of their products. The brand offers a rare three-year guarantee on its high-quality, carefully made products.



Inspired by the sexy swimsuits of the 80s and 90s, AllSisters highlights the best parts of the body.

AllSisters swimsuits and bikinis feature abstract cuts, sculpted texture, and a touch of Hollywood glamour. The Barcelona-based brand's creations have been captured by top photographers for magazines such as GQ and Marie Claire.

The swimwear is made mostly from recycled polyamide, a high-quality material that is durable and comfortable to wear.



IVALO.COM's most popular underwear brand, Understatement, comes from Stockholm and makes top-quality swimwear without fillings, itchy tags, or chafing seams.

Understatement products feel as good as they look.

IVALO.COM's best-selling swimwear last summer 2021 was Understatement's Aquaholic range. This summer, it's the stunning colorful bikinis from the new collection that have won the day.

Save the Wave


SAVE THE WAVE from Amsterdam uses only high quality ECONYL® material in all its products.

SAVE THE WAVE is motivated by a passion for the sea and the world. They want everyone to contribute in small ways to protect the earth and preserve its wonders.

SAVE THE WAVE's design is versatile and simple.



Morico, or the Mori Collection, specializes in double-sided reversible swimwear, giving you the convenience of two looks at once.

Morico's design is simplistically Scandinavian, but the brand's colors and patterns are deep, personal, and vibrant.

Morico is backed by a Finnish duo of women who met through snowboarding. In Morico's prints, you can sense a hint of bold snowboarding style, cool athleticism, and a touch of untamed freedom.



Our domestic super-popular KAIKO has added some thoughtful swimwear to its range this summer.

Kaiko's swimwear features Kaiko's beloved prints, so you can get a summer dress and bikini from Kaiko in the same gorgeous pattern.

The polyester yarn used in Kaiko's swimwear is made from recycled PET bottles.



NUARSWIM, founded by the Finnish-Argentinean Antonela, is based on the criteria of sustainability, minimalism, quality, and rationality.

Antonela hopes that NUARSWIM will be more than a swimwear brand. NUARSWIM wants to have a positive impact on people and the world we live in.

NUARSWIM's material is high quality and durable ECONYL®. The swimwear is produced ethically in Bali by expert manufacturers.



French company Olly is a sustainable manufacturer of mostly delicate and sensual underwear. 

However, Olly has some very classic swimwear for those who appreciate traditional European style.

Olly embodies French elegance with its colors, girlishness, and eternal style.



REVOEL, from Lauttasaari, Helsinki, aims to excite and inspire with colors and bold style. The brand encourages women to wear their favorite colors, dress confidently, and have fun.

REVOEL is all about ecology and well-being. The brand's material is ECONYL®, plus Ecowave, made from recycled plastic.

All REVOEL fabrics have the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This standard ensures that the materials are free of harmful substances. This means that the fabrics are safe for your health and kind to sensitive skin.

Get familiar with sustainable swimsuits also for men: Brava Fabrics, Panareha & Trensplant.

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