Hidden Gems - Scarlett Poppies

Sustainable fashion lovers will remember last summer's IVALO.COM summer blog series, which showcased eco-fashion brands that are still unknown to many.

The popular Hidden Gems blog series will continue during summer 2022. Behind Hidden Gems you will find wonderful designer brands, IVALO.COM customer favorites, and clean fashion makers with amazing passion.

Opening the 2022 summer treasure chest is Scarlett Poppies from Dubai, not only a true summer brand but perhaps a little surprisingly one of IVALO.COM's customer favorites.

Scarlett Poppies

Summer all year long

At first glance, you'd think that northern conditions wouldn't sell as much summer as Scarlett Poppies does - all year long. 

Scarlett Poppies' personal style appeals especially to those looking for feminine fashion. Scarlett Poppies is not only sensual and bohemian casual but also simple and contemporary enough for Scandinavian tastes.

The Scarlett Poppies range consists of stunning summer dresses and jumpsuits, feminine shirts and tops, and a diverse selection of beachwear. The brand's kimonos and kaftans are works of art.

You can turn to Scarlett Poppies whenever you're heading south for a holiday or looking for a personalized party dress for a special occasion.

Scarlett Poppies

Love of craftsmanship and materials

Multicultural Dubai is the busiest port in the Gulf. Traders and artisans and their families have long migrated from ancient Persia to freer Dubai, which has had many international connections.

Scarlett Poppies is one example of the region's incredible craftsmanship. The brand is known for its stunning traditional embroidery, modernized to fit contemporary design. 

Scarlett Poppies aims to design garments that ensure unique embroidery traditions and skills are preserved for the future. Each garment is, in its own way, a piece of ethnic history - and behind each garment is a story.

Scarlett Poppies

The embroidery techniques and other handmade elements of the collections also ensure jobs in the garment industry. In Scarlett Poppies' production, machines cannot replace skilled craftsmen.

Scarlett Poppies makes all its clothes from carefully selected natural materials - and combines its love and passion for beautiful detail with luxury materials.

Scarlett Poppies materials include cotton, linen, silk, and viscose made from cellulose pulp. The brand seeks to avoid transport in its production chain and therefore seeks materials as locally as possible. 

Scarlett Poppies always prefers to choose organically and cleanly produced materials, such as organic cotton, where suitable local production is available.

Scarlett Poppies

Middle East meets Scandinavia

Scarlett Poppies' strong and traditional personality is driven by a Scandinavian creative director with a long experience in sustainable production. 

In an interesting way, the beautiful Scandinavian countryside and a deep love of nature are also reflected in the design and branding of Scarlett Poppies.

Where the Middle East meets the Arctic North, wildness and naturalness are combined in an authentic way. Scarlett Poppies speaks for authenticity, sensitivity, and freedom. 

Behind every garment is a story, a unique journey, and a rich heritage.

For Scarlett Poppies, sustainability is about the process, not just a beautiful product. They want you to choose quality, personalized clothing that is meaningful to you and that you will wear for much longer than just one season.

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