Most Wanted? - See the early summer favourites of sustainable fashion

Summer is just about to begin, and this year sun and city holidays call us, water parks are open, party invitations keep on coming, and you can enjoy the summer life on terraces without armors.

Sustainable dresses and bikinis have so far been the best sellers in summer 2022 at IVALO.COM.

Take a peek at our list of the hottest products in sustainable fashion right now:

1. Kaiko’s summer hit – white Ruffle


A big favourite of both IVALO.COM and Kaiko itself, the Ruffle T-shirt Dress is a stylised summerdress that can be easily styled for any occasion.

The clean white colour and ruffled cotton jersey make the dress party-ready when you need it. The organic cotton is casual and summery at the same time.

The ruffle dress has a trendy hem, which gives it a nice contemporary feel and character. Ruffle is responsibly made in Portugal by a Finnish company.

2. Aarre summer dress Olisa

Aarre Olisa

If you're still looking for "the summer dress", join other IVALO.COM customers and choose Olisa by the Finnish Aarrelabel. The Olisa dress is made from Aarre's coveted Rosa Fall knit, from which Aarre also offers a fair selection of other delights.

The full-length A-line Olisa has long sleeves and a bohemian look. The fatal strong pattern combined with a simple design and trendy hem is the secret of Olisa. The dress is not only very beautiful, but also the most comfortable dress in the world.

The Olisa is also an absolutely perfect party dress choice, whether paired with sneakers or heels.

 3. Understatement Purple Rain

Understatement Purple Rain


One of IVALO.COM's hit brands is Swedish Understatement, whose lingerie and swimwear are second to none.

Among Understatement's eco-swimwear, the new power colours for summer 2022 are sunny yellow Mango, vibrant red-orange Papaya, trendy green Morning Dew and pure lilac Purple Rain. The bikinis look and feel absolutely lovely.

The Papaya shade looks stunning on tanned skin, but the team's favourite is still the stunning Purple Rain bikini. Try it for yourself and you'll see why.

4. Terhi Pölkki Anton Rainboot

Terhi Pölkki Rainboot

As the Finnish summer is sure to be short and only little snowy, it's always worth being prepared - in style!

Finnish designer Terhi Pölkki's urban Rainboots are the best. They are perfect shoes for taking the dog out, travel to the archipelago and hang out at festivals and cafes. The ankle-length rubber boots are also a great choice for the off-season.

You can choose the shoes in black or "Moss Green". Made of natural rubber, the boots have a breathable and antibacterial wool lining.

5. MAMAkoru Fruit Salad

MAMAkoru Fruit Basket

MAMAkoru, a colourful and personal Finnish jewellery brand, makes unique jewellery fashion. MAMA's irresistible colours and design are perfect for summer.

MAMAkoru's most popular, trendy and well-known jewellery is the Fruit Salad Earrings.

Made from birch plywood, these super jewellery pieces are lightweight and easy to wear. You can wear them with a long simple black outfit, with jeans and a tee or as a finishing touch of a nice floral dress.

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