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One easy and simple step towards responsible fashion is to invest in the longevity of the items you purchase. When you start planning what to add to your garderobe, think thoroughly what do you genuinely want and/or need. When you catch yourself buying impulsively, stop for just a moment and count all the occasions where you would actually wear the piece.

A bag for everyday use, a bag for work, a purse, a grocery shopping bag, a weekender bag, a backpack, a wallet, and a cardholder – these are typically long lifespan items. You need them all, and you want them to last. To invest in quality brands that will stay with you for life, and maybe even to the next generation, is a trendy and timely choice.

Is your bag ethical and ecological? The answer has a lot to do with the longevity of your bag, but also the methods and conditions of production, as well as the materials used. The most expensive product is not always the most responsible one – the biggest name on the market does not automatically guarantee the best quality.

The best option for a life-long partner is a bag from a brand that is confirmed ethically responsible. Also, you won't need to invest thousands in it, which is good.

Five interesting responsible brands for awesome bags

1. ASK Scandinavia – trendy Finnish production

IVALO.COM - ASK Scandinavia

ASK Scandinavia is a brand of accessories in Helsinki, that combines Scandinavian design and high-quality European materials. All the items are produced in a family-owned factory in Bulgaria. These topical stitch designs in refined colors really update your style. – you get to enjoy some high-class comfort! Some of the items are produced together with a well-known fashion brand R/H.

2. Distyled – authentic and purely responsible Lithuanian fashion


Distyled is a small brand from Lithuania, producing all it's items locally and in small quantities. The brand is very committed to paying attention to any environmental impact concerning their process chain. They solely use eco-friendly materials; microfibers, which are sustainable and vegan – the perfect alternative to animal leather. Distyled is a superb choice for you if you want to buy fashion-forward and genuinely responsible at the same time.

3. Leandra – joy and colors from Spain

IVALO.COM - Leandra

Leandra is a unique high-quality leather bag brand from Spain. It presents you with the loveliest joyful colors for both everyday life and celebration. Leandra combines the philosophy of handcrafts into a brave and beautiful style. From their selection, you will find unique designs in topical colors. Leandra- bag makes your style recognizable, and if you'd like to put it up on a pedestal as an interior – feel free to do that!

4. Canussa – timeless vegan partner for life

IVALO.COM - Canussa

Canussa is a Spanish brand presenting potential life partners. From their selection, you will find an ageless bag you can rely on at all times – no matter the occasion. Canussa comes in colors of classic black, brown, camel, navy, or red. They are aiming at the highest possible comfort and practical easiness. The professional artisans are producing all Canussa bags with love, using entirely eco-friendly, vegan materials.

5. Maria Maleta – quality multi-use leather from Portugal

IVALO.COM - Maria Maleta

Maria Maleta is a leather product brand from Portugal, that highly underlines top quality materials alongside with Portuguese skillful tradition. The selection of Maria Maleta is at the same time playful and ageless – it's very diverse and presents many delicious options, whether you're looking for classic feminine style, plain topical style, or maybe "something different".

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