Three steps for stylish Scandi fashion

A topical Scandinavian style is easy to create. Assemble a high-quality collection of basics to your wardrobe – timeless and plain design pieces – and feel free to add some more relaxed items as well as colours of the season.

Minimalistic scandi style consists of comfortable and ecological materials, chic casual designs and classical shapes. Colours are mainly black and white, alongside with various shades of grey and brown. You can tone it up this autumn with a touch of tile red, for example. One of Ivalo's fresh brand acquaintances, Residus, is a trendsetter of responsible fashion, founded by Elin Mohlander in May 2016. The Stockholm brand started specialized in dresses but nowadays presents a well-growing selection of high-quality visionary clothing. Today Elin is conducting Residus together with an experienced fashion designer Evalena Jonsson.

1. Turtleneck in soft white

Shuna Sweater by Residus

The number one piece in Residus' Autumn Collection is a light-coloured ribbed turtleneck shirt. Shuna-sweater is a relaxed fit turtleneck shirt that feels loose and comfortable to wear. The luxurious polo is made of FSC-certified viscose.

This piece is perfect for any occasion, from everyday moments to autumn festivities. Spice it up to party mode with lovely accessories, or pair it in versatile ways as you wish to appear – relaxed style with jeans, eye-catching look with skirts, or sharp style with black trousers.

2. Black comfort blazer

Lawrence Ecovero Jacket by Residus

This is the blazer you've been looking for! Stockholm style shows it's true: it IS possible to look dressy and elegant, yet effortlessly relaxed at the same time. The felicitous design by Residus presents the most comfortable and versatile jacket of the season. Lawrence Ecovero Jacket can be used outdoors while the weather's not too cold, and indoors all through the winter season. The main material Eco Vero -viscose is pampering and eco-friendly. The slightly oversized design brings about a modern Scandi look with quite a dash of elegance. The jacket can be worn open as well as closed – it comes with a detachable belt.

3. Topical black trousers for everyday life or celebration

Lottie Ecovero Cropper Trousers by Residus

Lottie Ecovero cropped trousers are a spot-on choice for any capsule wardrobe. The super-popular Lottie-trousers by Residus dress you up confidently, whether you're facing challenges at office, free night out with friends or pre-Christmas festivities with colleagues. Lottie-trousers are made of Eco Vero -viscose and have side pockets. The material and design are comfortable to wear, yet the look is posh and classy fit. If you think of just getting one pair of trousers this season – here is your pick.

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