Best women's knits - Parhaat naisten neuleet

5 women's knits that will never go out of fashion

Here are the five most important knits in every woman's wardrobe! A classic pullover, a chunky and warm sweater, a long and short cardigan, and a stylish knitted turtleneck will keep your wardrobe stocked for every style and moment and will never go out of style.

Are any of these missing from your wardrobe?

We've listed the IVALO.COM team's favorites for a timeless and durable wardrobe. Our list was last updated in autumn 2023.

1. Classic, thin merino wool knitwear

A black merino wool knit is a must-have for everyone. When you choose a thinner merino wool, you can wear it all year round. Merino wool is a great material: warm but not sweaty. If you only own one knit, this is it.

Rhea's thin black merino wool knit with a round neckline is a perfect and timeless choice. The classic black knit can be paired with any bottom - jeans, culottes or a skirt. You can also layer it under a dress.

Rhea uses high quality and traceable merino wool in its products. The crew knit is made with 40% Tencel™ lyocell in addition to merino, making it even more suitable for year-round use.

The Rhea Crew merino knitwear is also available in a range of other color options.

You can find all the women's merino wool knitwear in our range here.

Two women wearing black knit by Rhea

2. Warm and cozy chunky wool sweater

A big oversized knit feels like a warm hug! You can also borrow one from your boyfriend's closet. A quality wool sweater will keep you warm year after year when you care for it with love. Click here for instructions on how to wash and care for your woolen clothes.

Ire sweater from Swedish clothing brand Residus has been one of IVALO.COM's best-selling knits for a couple of winters now. Residus Ire knitted sweater is made from 60% Gotland sheep's wool and 40% Falkland merino wool. The grey sweater is effortless to combine with many outfits.

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A woman wearing grey Residus wool sweater

3. Long cardigan

A cardigan is one of the most trusted pieces of clothing for every woman. A cardigan is such a versatile and necessary garment that you can definitely stock up your wardrobe with both a long and a short model.

A long cardigan is a real staple for the in-between seasons, for example. In early autumn, a cardigan can also serve as an outer jacket, and in colder weather it can be a warming layer under an outer jacket. The cardigan is easy to pull on whenever needed, for example in the office or when traveling.

Loved by IVALO.COM customers, Enteliér offers a wonderfully voluminous and loose-fitting long cardigan with a style that will stand the test of time. Enteliér's long cardigan is made from mohair and alpaca. This knitwear is a great value for money!

Choose your color freely from a range of options. We opted for an off-white cardigan in a light beige nude shade.

A woman wearing long knitted cardigan by Enteliér

4. Short cardigan

A short cardigan is a wardrobe staple with plenty of potential. You can pair a short cardigan with any outfit for warmth - wear it with a dress, jeans, straight trousers, or a skirt.

There's plenty to choose from when it comes to cardigans. Bright shades, decorative buttons, or knit details offer a different look for your look.

If you're looking for a timeless one, check out Preila merino wool cardigan from The Knotty Ones. It's beautiful and keeps you warm. The cardigan has a loose, boxy silhouette.

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Two women wearing white Preila cardigan by The Knotty Ones

5. Turtleneck sweater

A turtleneck is always in fashion. So when you add a classic knitted turtleneck to your wardrobe, you know you're making a timeless choice. You can wear it on its own or pair it with a loose button-up shirt, an oversized blazer or a short-sleeved dress.

Rhea's merino wool polo knit is made from 100% high-quality and traceable NATIVA™ merino wool. The camel shade is the epitome of chic. This roll neck also comes in other colors.

A woman wearing beige Rhea turtleneck shirt

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