5 knits that will never go out of fashion

These 5 knit styles are so classical that they will never go out of style. Do you have all five in your wardrobe?

1. Basic Black

Black relaxed fit sweater with long sleeves and a round collar is a spot-on choice for any occasion. If you own one sweater, it’s this on. You can combine it with everything – slim-fit jeans, culottes pants, silk skirt or over your dress. It will never fail you.

Rotholz Merino Knit Sweater is fair trade and made from 100% fine merino wool in Germany. It has raglan sleeves and a classical straight cut. This sweater provides a premium-comfort feel with merino wool’s classic temperature balance: warming without making you sweat.

Rotholz Merino Knit

Rotholz 'Basic' Merino Knit Sweater

2. Oversize giant knit

Loose giant knits feel like a warm hug! You can borrow one from your boyfriend’s closet, and combine it with a slim bottom to create a nice contrast. This style will definitely keep you warm and create a comforting feeling – looking very stylish at the same time.

The most beautiful giant sweaters you can find from The Knotty Ones. Heartbreaker is dedicated to all our past romances, crushes, and future lovers. After all, that mess does make a beautiful whole. The knit is a mix of wool and alpaca and handmade in Lithuania.

The Knotty Ones Heartbreaker Sweater

3. Long cardigan

    And when I felt like I was an old cardigan. 
    Under someone's bed.
    You put me on and said I was your favorite

    -Taylor Swift

    Cardigan is so classic piece, that even songs are made out of it! A long and loose cut cardigan is the chosen one for the fall season at hand. It works now as a jacket and when the weather gets colder, as a warming layer under a jacket. 

    Ruby Cardigan from Story of Mine is our best-selling long cardigan. A straight and relaxed knit jacket is made from 100% organic cotton. It’s available in two colors: khaki and cream white.

    Story of Mine Ruby Cardigan

    4. Short cardigan

      This is a piece of your wardrobe that you can basically combine with all your favorite clothes. Wear a fashionable, eye-catching bottom part of your choice with a warming, earthly woolen jumper… or a balanced outfit with jeans or stylish trousers/skirt and a sharp-looking cardigan. Bright colors, decorative buttons, different kinds of fabric – you can freshen up your everyday style so easily with a lovely cardigan.

      Nala Silk Cashmere Wool Cardigan by Swedish Maska is a super comfortable and beautiful cardigan, that warms you all year round. Italian mix of merino wool, silk, and cashmere is a luxurious combination that feels soft on the skin.

      Maska Nala Soft Silk Cashmere Wool Cardigan

      5. Turtleneck

      Turtlenecks have been around for hundreds of years, so they aren’t going anywhere. Soft, high neck collar feels like the warmth of a fireplace tied around you. Combine the turtleneck with an oversized shirt or blazer!

      Nomen Nescio is known for its minimalistic design, so no wonder their collection also has the perfect turtleneck. It’s made in Estonia from 100% fine merino wool. This and the rest of the Nomen Nescio pieces are suitable for men and women.

      Nomen Nescio 504 Low Turtleneck

      Bonus piece: Knit slipover

      Slipover is making a comeback and actually when you think about it, slipover is quite a stylish and convenient piece of clothing. Combining it under the right kind of shirt, you can get a very exciting outfit. When slipover peeps under a blazer, it looks like a sweater, but won’t make you sweat.

      Storm & Marie’s fall collection’s Oda Slipover is made from recycled wool. You can find Oda in two different colors: light grey and baked apple. This is the piece you didn’t know that you need!

      Storm & Marie Oda Slipover

      Check the rest of our sustainable knitwear selection here.

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