Maria Maleta

Maria Maleta

Maria Maleta is a Portuguese bag brand that makes sustainable leather bags, and the bags are designed to go with you through life. Their durable bags are made in Portugal in high-quality production. Maria Maleta only uses premium leather which is surplus from food production. The leather is metal-free tanned leather, produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Maria Maleta is a story about best friends, Ana and Daniela, and different aspects of women. One loves sweet, the other craves salty delicacies. One likes movies and the other prefers to listen to music. One enjoys the peace and the other loves to party. One goes with heart and the other listens to the sound of reason. The list could go on forever, however, Ana Neto and Daniela Marquesia combine not only their friendship but also a love of fashion and this is how Maria Maleta got its start.

Ana and Daniela believe that every person has two sides and this is the main theme of their products. Some of the bags are reversible so you get two bags instead of just one. The bags can be used in many different ways and come in several different colors and material combinations.

So Maria Maleta is for you who are looking for the perfect bag but haven’t yet been able to decide what it’s like, or you just haven’t found the right one yet.

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