Weekend Treat

Weekend Treat is a sweet sweet candy offered by IVALO.COM every weekend to celebrate life, as well as optimistic and sunny weekends. 

The bowl of the spring season’s weekend treats will be filled with IVALO team's favorites. With season’s charming novelties and the sweetest best sellers. The keywords of the Candy Shop are glory, currentness, and indulgence. 

At the beginning of June, the candy store closes its doors to enjoy the sun after the busy spring season. But as a farewell, it has one more treat on its sleeve.

IVALO.COM's candy store loves Swedish candies that are usually sweet and beautiful. Shoppers at the candy store fainted last week as Stockholm-based Residus launched silk.

This is not just any imported silk, but Giorgio Arman's high-quality European deadstock silk. Residus has gotten this treasure on its hands and they made a wonderfully small summer collection from it. The enchanting patterns of high-end fashion now combined with a responsible small brand. How lovely is that?

Residus' Armani silks obey the names Winona, Willa, and Wie, so there are three different patterns. Comfortable shorts, charming shirts, and lovely wrap dresses are available from each. The normal prices of the products are 118€ (shorts), 138€ (shirts) and 187€ (dresses).

You will receive Residus' Armani silks from the IVALO.COM candy store with a 20% discount on the weekend of May 28.-30. 2021.

Have a lovely summer <3

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