As autumn winds blow, it's time to go organic. This autumn at the latest, say goodbye to plastic knitwear because real wool is 1) warming, 2) stylish and 3) easy to care for and long-lasting.

Knitwear design and lovely materials are the hit of the season - and now the focus is on quality. In knitwear, the search is on for personalized pieces that last and retain their value.

Pandemic-era cosiness brought a new favourite to our wardrobes, and knitwear is still going strong. Knitted vests and accessories are autumn layering at its best. Knitted dresses will take over at end-of-year parties.

IVALO.COM's sustainable knitwear range is up-to-date and full of more and more gorgeous wool qualities. Particularly trendy this autumn are embossed knitwear patterns and different textures.

Knitwear care with clothes brushes and wool combs is trendy. See also our garment care category.

Let autumn's sustainable knitwear give you a hug and enjoy the new season.

The Knotty Ones - the style champion

Discover the beloved designs of the boldly urban The Knotty Ones. The Knotty Ones combines Lithuanian authenticity and craftsmanship with the latest trends from New York.

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Rhea makes long-lasting knitwear that, with a little maintenance, will live through the years and seasons with its users. Rhea products are made from soft and biodegradable 100% NATIVA™ merino wool.

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Leap Concept - sustainable luxury cashmere

The world's loveliest cashmere is the treasure of Spanish company Leap Concept. The cashmere for Leap Concept's sophisticated knitwear comes from ethical farms in Mongolia.

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EKTA Helsinki - zero waste from Finland

EKTA Helsinki is IVALO.COM's latest knitwear brand, made from Finnish wool - ethically produced in Finland. The knitwear brand is zero waste, climate-smart, and certified with the Nordic Swan label.

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Residus - warm Gotland wool

Sweaters and other wool products made from rich and sturdy Gotland wool are produced by Swedish company Residus. Residus sweaters will keep you warm!

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Popular sustainable knitwear is also available from Finnish brands PURA Finland, Voglia, Kaiko, and Aarrelabel. Also, discover antonia erre's minimalist lyocell knitwear.


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