Tips for choosing and maintaining a quality sweater

Wool is known as warm and durable high-quality material. Wool production however has some environmental impacts, and thus it’s important to take good care of the material.

Which factors should you observe when buying a knitted sweater? How to maintain your knitted treasure and give it a long life? It’s time to say goodbye to linted, short lifespan sweaters – here’s how to love your wooly beauties the way they deserve to be loved.

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1. Check the material

When choosing your sweater, pay attention to the materials – sometimes there are synthetic fibers blended with the natural wool.

Small amounts of polyamide may be added in the fabric to make it more durable, acrylic is typically added for smaller costs. Especially acrylic lints fast in use to the point where any maintenance won’t make the sweater presentable again.

A sweater made of only natural fibers is the best choice when it comes to maintenance and long lifespan. It’s wisest to avoid acrylic in any amounts.

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2. Get familiar with different sorts of wool

Alpaca, cashmere, and merino wools are well known for their soft luxury feel. When purchasing a merino product, please make sure that the wool is mulesing-free.

Mulesing means a painful procedure of removing skin from the rear of the sheep to avoid problems with parasites. This kind of method is only used in Australia, where a bit over 20% of the global wool production takes place (Textile Exchange).

Kaiko sweaters are made of remarkably soft and warm cashmere. These fluffy knits are good friends with wool combs, so get one and show your love by combing your sweater.

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3. Follow the washing instructions

100% wool knit is dirt repelling and doesn’t need much washing – ventilating in fresh air is enough. That’s why wool has quite a small environmental impact in everyday use.

When you wash your sweater now and then, check the instructions in the wash tag. Some sweaters can take the machine wool wash program. Many knits like to be washed by hand while others require chemical wash.

While washing wooly products, it’s important to choose the right detergent – it’s not the one you use for your regular laundry. After washing, press your sweater dry carefully and lay flat to dry. This is how you avoid your clothing losing its shape. For the same reason, you might wanna store your sweaters folded instead of hanging.

A clothes steamer is a handy helper in maintaining your wooly treasures – it makes your sweater smooth, soft, and fresh.


4. Fix or get it repaired when needed

A product guarantee is a promise of quality. This is something you’ll get from the Finnish Voglia, among others. There is a 1 year guarantee for any of the brand’s products that have been maintained according to the instructions.

The brand also offers sweater maintenance as an additional service. In the Voglia selection you’ll find mulesing-free merino wool and mohair, which is fluffy and soft wool from angora goats.

The Knotty Ones sends you a piece of wool yarn in the right color in case you need to mend your sweater sometime.

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