The most wanted power shirts of Spring 2022

The nascent spring is the time of the year when we need power and vitamins. The long darkness has made us tired and there’s still a lot of work to do before the holidays start.

Before the season for dresses arrives, we recommend you turn to a power shirt. It’s a splashy loveliness you can rely on from year to year. It’s something you wear for an important meeting, a weekend brunch, a family celebration, and a romantic dinner. It gives you joy in everyday life and memories to remember for a lifetime.

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Take a look at the best power shirts of sustainable fashion and pick your favorite!

KAIKO - Elegant black and champagne

The Finnish Kaiko’s magnificent spring launch Puff Blouse is made of beautifully flowing EcoVero viscose with a silky soft feel.

The volume sleeves and the smocking in the wrists make Puff dashing and sophisticated. In the back there’s a small slit and coated festive buttons.

For your power shirt color Kaiko suggests classic black or the lovely light beige Champagne.

Kaiko Puff Blouse


KATRI NISKANEN presents her unfailing familiar style in the spring novelties. Pearl satin shirt is a loose-fit shirt with a round neckline. There’s a button fastening in the back of the neck.

The topical style of Pearl combined with glowing colors and the top designer cut is absolutely charming. 

Pearl is available in Hot Pink and Pearl shades. There’s also a matching skirt to transform Pearl into a festive outfit.

Katri Niskanen Pearl Blouse

LEAP – The best cashmere in the world

The Spanish Leap Concept is a real treasure.

Turtleneck Sweater Pink made of traceable 100% (!) luxury cashmere from Inner Mongolia is exceptionally soft.

The high-quality cashmere sweater has a stylish and comfy loose-fit silhouette, dropped shoulders, and long sleeves.

The power color is super pretty fiery vivid pink.

Leap Concept Turtleneck Sweater Pink

AARRELABEL – The overpowering organic cotton

This Finnish design called Orvokki is made in Portugal to lighten up your day. The short-sleeved Tara Tee is a versatile power shirt that cheers you up at any given moment.

You can combine Tara with straight-cut trousers and ankle boots for a presentable outfit, or have a casual look with jeans and sneakers.

The boxy loose fit tee with a round neckline is made of top-quality organic material. Besides women, modern men also choose Tara Tee.

Aarrelabel Tara Tee

YAHMO - 2-in-1 bomber from Berlin

This silky soft bomber from our artistic newcomer Yahmo is a reversible coat with two awesome looks – the Metropolis design and the smooth blue side. 

Reversible Bomber Metropolis/Blue by Yahmo is made of ecological Cupro, EcoVero, and Tencel. 

The jacket is breathable, gentle, and pleasant to wear.  The best thing about Yahmo is the candid, interesting design – the urban style rich in ideas makes every hipster and fashion freak go wow.

Yahmo Reversible Bomber Metropolis / Blue

VOGLIA - Best of power colors

In the name of softness and luxury, the high-quality CLEAR cotton blouse from Finnish brand Voglia comes with a touch of cashmere.

You can wear a CLEAR blouse with jeans, a skirt as well as a blazer. The lush range of colors makes the CLEAR sweater topical, and you can get it in either traditional white or glowing spring color.

The IVALO.COM team’s favorite CLEAR shade is the strong yellow Mango Sorbet, which breathes life into both the outfit and the wearer.

Voglia Clear

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