Take a look at the new sustainable sports clothing brands at IVALO.COM

Lately there have been several new brands arriving at the IVALO.COM online store, offering sustainable selection for sports and active lifestyle.

Check out these novelties and find the ones that suit you the best!

1. Lilja The Label

What is it?

Lilja the Label is a brand from Helsinki with soft values, specializing in swimwear and gentle sportswear.

The beautiful swimwear by Lilja the Label are made of eco-material re-processed from plastic waste. Lilja’s sportswear combines organic cotton and ECONYL® nylon as well.

Lilja the Label design is simple with sophisticated colors and patterns. They are inspired by nature and vintage. The products are ethically manufactured in a family-owned factory at Bali paradise island.

For whom?

If you love swimming either in icy waters or under the sun, check out the collection of Lilja The Label. Their swimwear selection is topical and charming.

Urban sports clothes and loungewear by Lilja are very comfortable to wear and perfect for activities that require softness and stretch.

Dancing, yoga, pilates, stretching, and any type of body maintenance goes well with Lilja the Label – your leg rises and back bends effortlessly in these clothes.

Lilja the Label

2. Pressio

What is it?

Pressio produces sports clothing for high performance. Pressio has a great background in traceable innovative materials, engineering, recycled fibers, the latest nature-friendly dyeing techniques, and product testing.

The technical smart materials and high compression of Pressio clothing give you support during your performance, aid your recovery, and help you get the fullest power out of the training.

For whom?

All runners, look this way! Pressio is the grand favorite of the test group and offers awesome trousers for winter runners, too.

Pressio is suitable for high-tempo team sports, weightlifting, and contact sports as well. If you are an active mover with high demands for your gear, you’ll enjoy the professional feel of these clothes.


3. Népra

What is it?

Népra is a Finnish sports clothing brand with versatile minimalism in the focus.

Népra encourages the use of their products for various activities instead of the traditional sports-specific way. Népra aims at total comfort while moving – and even while sweating.

Népra’s production is transparent all the way through the chain and the price is fair for everyone involved. The down-to-earth products of Népra are designed in Finland and mainly produced in Estonia. The fabrics come from Italy.

For whom?

Népra is perfect for outdoors, telecommuting, nature activities, or any situation where you want to feel comfortable in your clothes. Népra makes it easy to move in the garden, at the mall, in the forest, or while playing with kids.

You don’t need to change before heading out from your home. Népra calls their selection not only ”activewear”, but also ”lazywear” at the same time.


4. Revoel

What is it?

Revoel swimwear and sportswear are designed and handmade in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Revoel can be recognized from their assertive style and courageous colors. Revoel wants to encourage women to be exactly what they want – and to have fun.

Revoel’s materials meet safety standards and are free of harmful substances. The materials are made of industrial surplus fibers and plastic waste collected from the oceans.

For whom?

Revoel is suitable for a heroine of her own life who likes to flirt with her wardrobe. Choose Revoel when you need a pink mood lift, some electric blue motivation, or an orange flame of life.

Revoel is a brand for body positivity with beautifully fitting pieces. Wear Revoel for swimming, soft body maintenance, or gym sessions.


5. Cecilia Sörensen

What is it?

A recognized Finnish fashion designer Cecilia Sörensen lives and works at Balears, Mallorca. Sörensen uses mainly organic and Öko-Tex certified materials in her products.

Cecilia Sörensen selection is full of fashionable women’s clothes – the bestsellers of the brand are dresses. During the pandemic, however, Cecilia struggled to find stylish, ethical-ecological yoga clothes for herself. She ended up designing and producing such gear and it became so popular, she now has decided to expand the sports section in her collection.

For whom?

Cecilia Sörensen yoga collection means comfortable clothing with a designer touch. The pieces are made of a stretchy high-quality material to give you total easiness of moving.

The colors of Cecilia’s yoga clothes are classically stylish with a dash of topical spirit. The tones available are black, wine, petrol, and sage.

Cecilia Sörensen

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