The most interesting sustainable fashion gift brands this Christmas

The most interesting sustainable fashion gift brands this Christmas

IVALO.COM Christmas store is open for shopping! Gift Shop offers mostly soft packages for those looking for modern and ecological presents to bring a good mood.

Finnish design is strongly presented this year too, but there are a few other topical brands shining like a Xmas star.

Take a look at these tips and find the loveliest gifts for yourself and the ones close to your heart!


Miia Halmesmaa from Turku designs unforgettable made-to-order pieces, mostly dresses. Her catalogue includes also abundant feminine power jewelry. In the seasonal selection you’ll find soft muffy beanies and warming gloves, too.

The most wanted clothing this autumn at IVALO.COM is Miia Halmesmaa’s LUSH either as a dress or as a blouse. If your family or friends have fallen for the sterling style and fabulous colors of the brand, now is a perfect time to make an order.

Miia Halmesmaa Lush


Understatement from Stockholm has shaken our wardrobes with their awesome lingerie and underwear here in Finland, too. Their neverending popularity has been vaulting throughout the whole year. 

The trendy underwear make a perfect sensual gift; Understatement offers beautiful and sexy lace lingerie. For a sporty user there are also superb microfiber options available.

The bestseller in the wide Understatement selection has been the black Saboteur collection containing various eco-lace dream pieces.

Understatement Saboteur


The outdoor boom caused by corona shows no signs of slackening – it’s another season for winter activities! A rising trend in the range of sustainable outdoor wear is the Swedish Houdini. The brand has been doing significant sustainable work for a long time now. 

Houdini has developed innovative technical materials for their stylish outdoor and sports clothing ever since the year 1993.

Houdini suits an active person with high demands, but also brings some luxury into a life of a weekend outdoor enthusiast. In Houdini’s selection you’ll find undoubtedly the best layer, fleece, softshell, ski suit, and ski hat for both men and women.



Finnish Kaiko Clothing specializes in sustainable high-quality clothes for children and women – now with a minor selection for men, too.

The brand is known for their lovely, soft, easy-wear materials and topical sophisticated colors. Kaiko’s clothes are made of 100% organic cotton and Fair trade cashmere, for example.

Kaiko directs a notable 7% share of their incomes to women’s education in developing countries. Ethics and social sustainability are the main core of Kaiko’s operation and that’s some real Christmas spirit, right?



Underground-loving youngsters and those young at heart will be delighted to find cool Finnish brand ARCELEVN pieces wrapped up in their Xmas gifts. ARCELEVN is a brainchild of Eetu Räisänen from Helsinki and founded as a tribute to the culture of our Northern capital.

ARCELEVN design is inspired by the ‘70s, Finnish nature, and the stage looks of classic punk bands. ARCELEVN commits to high quality standards and thus the clothes endure time well – looking good for ages.

Another super popular streetwear brand is BILLEBEINO, bringing more attitude under the Christmas tree.



Timelessness, functionality, lovely colors, and simple design have made the Finnish LUMI a favourite sustainable leather product brand.

One of the best gifts ever is a beautiful top-quality bag that suits the needs of it’s receiver. A new bag brings energy. It helps organize everyday items and lifts both the spirit and looks of the owner. 

The most popular gift in LUMI’s selection is, from year to year, Venla All-in-one Pouch. This versatile leather pouch is like a roomy wallet – with enough space for phone, keys, and lipstick, too. Venla is available in various delightful colors.

Lumi Accessories