The ‘90s sweaters are back with top-notch quality

The styles of the ‘90s have been back in fashion for years. Belt bags, high-waist cuts, showy shoulder lines, hair scrunchies, and cropped belly-button flashing shirts – you can find them all again.

The superstar knit brand at IVALO.COM is The Knotty Ones, combining social sustainability and the most beautiful knitted clothing design in the world.

Most of the sweaters by The Knotty Ones are suitable for Scandinavian taste: stylish, timeless, and a bit bohemian. The colors are classic, sophisticated, and unique in a refreshing way.

Also, there are some super trendy designs:

‘90s treasures for all occasions

The long-awaited autumn novelties by The Knotty Ones include some real ‘90s beauties you can wear anywhere, anyday.

A top-quality luxury knit is perfect for business outfits – the ‘90s style brings some topical edge and international spirit to the workwear.

You can wear the same treasure straight from work to afterwork drinks, from a hipster café to a nightclub, or from a summer cottage to a weekend vacay at the city. To transform the pieces from the ‘90s to 2020s, it’s crucial to pay attention to quality and sustainability, too.

The Knotty Ones

1. The Knotty Ones Ethno Sweater Brown

Oversized Ethno Sweater Brown is not only pure ‘90s – it’s also 100% pure undyed alpaca wool.

Ethno is made of mulesing-free alpaca wool that comes from socially sustainable farms in Peru. It’s lovely and warm like a hug. The Knotty Ones uses no chemical dyes in Ethno Sweater – the knits come in genuine alpaca colors.

The design of Ethno represents the roots of Baltic culture and the traditional symbolism of the complex patterns refers to balance and harmony. You can maintain your sweater primarily by ventilating in the fresh air and giving it some care with a lint comb.

Ethno has extra-long sleeves making it very lovable in the winter and for unisex use. As a couple, you can purchase one to share – if you can come to an agreement about the turns for wearing it.

The Knotty Ones

2. The Knotty Ones Ethno Sweater Off-White

While the brown Ethno Sweater is perfect for offices, cafés, and pubs, the fresh white edition is spot-on for holidays and outdoors. The light tone gives this sweater a bit more sporty feel.

The Baltic ethnography is stunning no matter the age or sex of the wearer. Ethno Sweater came to life as a collaboration of The Knotty Ones and a Lithuanian designer Eglė Žiemytė.

Take note that Ethno Sweater is a very loose fit; we recommend choosing one size smaller than you normally would.

The Knotty Ones

3. The Knotty Ones Patch Sweater

Everyone who lived in the ‘90s or is a fan of the age recognizes the sweet peach tone that colored our wardrobes – and even our outdoor winter gear.

The collection made in cooperation with The Knotty Ones and the Lithuanian designer Eglė Žiemytė includes also this awesome “plaster knit” Patch Sweater with literally touchable ‘90s spirit.

Patch is made of high-quality 100 % merino wool. In this design, the main role is played by the textures that carry some history about the traditional knitting techniques of the Baltic artisans.

The changing textures give this sweater an interesting and storytelling look.

The Knotty Ones

All knits by The Knotty Ones are designed in New York and manufactured in the countryside of Lithuania. The knitters are mostly housewives and mothers living in rural areas. Their work as artisans provides for their living and family. The Knotty Ones offers education, safe working conditions, and a fair salary for the women.

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