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IVALO.COM’s summer blog series, Hidden Gems, continues in the dusk of autumn – we still have some sustainable fashion secrets to share.

The casual elegance of Swedish style is nothing new as we know it, but it’s nearly confusing how many super interesting sustainable brands the country gives birth to. In Sweden, they clearly have a great skill of pioneering and premium clothing, as well as the courage to create international success stories.

Let’s take a peek in the shoe cabinet

There is a real hype about sneakers going on today – they get bought, collected, and traded a lot, mostly the snow-white ones. 

The walk-in closets and cabinets of the collectors contain hundreds of pairs, easily. It’s clear that the world has more than enough a) synthetic shoes and b) synthetic sneaker waste.

Humans Are Vain is on a mission to ease this problem. Check out the five good reasons to consider vegan circular economy sneakers the next time you’re heading to a store.


1. A protest to the fast fashion

The founder of Humans Are Vain, Chris Margetts, is a Brit living in Sweden. Chris used to collect a lot of experience about fast fashion in London until he decided it was time to do something differently.  

To quote Chris’ own words, he became “pissed off with what’s happening to our planet” and Humans Are Vain is one of his symptoms that followed. 


2. The maker is known

The international sneaker giants succeed terribly every time on the ethical ranking lists. Their shoes are manufactured in the so-called high-risk countries, where nobody can – or will – tell, 1) who made the shoes, and 2) at what cost.

The production of Humans Are Vain happens in Portugal and Sweden in ethical factories, which are followed closely by a quality control team. Humans Are Vain is socially sustainable and wants to keep their consumer prices and communications transparent, too. 


3. The looks are top-notch

Humans Are Vain invests in the design, in the Swedish style. The esthetics are more than competitive compared to any well-known world brands.

From the selection of Humans Are Vain you’ll find timeless style, modern flair, and simple linearity that just delivers.


4. Humans Are Vain shoes are recyclable

The mission of Humans Are Vain is to eliminate plastic waste from oceans by using smarter materials in their shoes. 

Chris is all in for circular economy and every Humans Are Vain product is recyclable after their life span is through.


5. Every component is vegan

Humans Are Vain is pioneering in developing sustainable vegan materials and production methods.  

The brand wants to make sure that every single component of their shoes will be checked and certified as vegan. Humans Are Vain is also PETA-approved.


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