Sustainable winter runners gear

Running is an affordable outdoor activity loved by our heart, lungs, and mind. Running is good in so many ways, and easy too – just open the door, step out, and you’re on it. 

More and more active people are looking for better sustainability from their sports gear and clothing. Microplastics are a big topic. Harmful chemicals, synthetic colors, and fixation, metallic parts, surface treatment agents, phthalates – none of these are very popular today, and for a good reason. 

Eco-brands such as the Swedish Houdini are all in for nature-friendly, innovative materials and operations eliminating harmful substances in the production of outdoors and sports clothing. 

Take a look at the healthy and safe selection of runner’s clothing for the upcoming season – this gear will be perfect for the skiers, too. Here’s the list to follow for an active outfit:

Shirt and underwear for movers

The clothes that are next to your skin meet a lot of demand when it comes to sweat sports. The materials must be moisture-wicking, breathable, and comfortable on the skin.

Leave your cotton underwear home while you’re on the run – even though they feel nice to wear, they absorb the sweat and may leave you feeling cold, especially in wintertime.

Moisture-wicking material is a far better option. If you wish to remain odorless, woolen gear is a great choice. 

Product tips for winter sports: Try and see how it feels to wear Houdini Desoli merino underpants and undershirt. The Hipsters and Boxers are unbelievably comfy – might surprise you, if you never experienced high-quality wool as underwear before. The 100% merino wool by Houdini is lightweight, thin, breathable, close-fitting, and recyclable. And it won’t itch!

Houdini’s merino wool is a super fine mulesing-free 100% Solid Merino fabric from Australia. This same super material is also available in Desoli Tee, a perfect short-sleeved undershirt for a runner, and Desoli Crew with long sleeves. Both of them offer various colors for both men and women. 


Tights and shorts for running 

What you wear waist down matters a lot while running. The running pants should be warm enough in the cold weather; when you’re on the move in a breeze, your thighs tend to be the first to freeze. 

Winter tights for running must be warm to wear on their own – it’s not comfy to have layers under them. Also, the length of the legs is important. With too short tights your ankles will get cold no matter how good socks you have on. 

A practical and trendy way of improving comfort is to add light shorts in the outfit – on top of the tights. They will provide some extra shelter from coldness and wind, without slowing you down in any way. You actually won’t even notice them. 

Product tips for winter sports: If you’re looking for warm running pants for winter runs, we recommend  Houdini Long Power Tights for both men and women. Houdini uses the best sustainable fleece material in the market: Polartec Power Stretch Pro.

Long Powers are perfect to wear under your shell trousers or quilted pants but also work like a charm on their own for running, skiing, or hiking.

Pressio’s Thermal Tights have been produced from Pressio’s special Thermal EcoPower CK material. This smart material has been designed to capture heat from the body and adjust it. Pressio’s Thermal Tights work optimally down to temperatures of minus five degrees. In addition, the material supports muscles and improves blood circulation in the limbs.

Houdini’s Moonwalk Shorts look topical and stylish worn over tights, for men and women. Moonwalks are made of Houdini's innovative material, keeping you warm and looking trendy as streetwear, too. 


A jacket or a vest for running?

While running, it is crucial to have a windproof yet breathable jacket. The traditional Gore-Tex isn’t necessarily the best option. A semi-thick softshell jacket is probably quite a good choice in chilly weather, and sometimes a vest might just do the trick. 

It’s important to pick the size of your jacket smart – not too big that moves around when you’re running. When you’re a winter runner and need some layers under your jacket, give merino wool a try. 

Product tips for winter sports: A modern training shirt for the outdoors is the innovative All Weather T-Neck by Houdini. It’s an ultra-light T-shirt made of Primaloft® Gold Active+ material, giving you a warm comfort while breathing nicely. The shirt won’t hang or press at all and makes your running and skiing feel effortless and good.

Wear the T-Neck with your undershirt or training jacket when sporting; it also goes well as a casual and trendy companion with a sweater.


A great alternative for synthetic shell jackets is Houdini’s Lana Jacket for both men and women. Lana’s close-knit 100% merino wool fabric has natural windproof and waterproof qualities alongside expert breathability. It’s a perfect all-year shell clothing for running, skiing, and hiking.


A stylish vest for active life can be found from the rainwear specialist from Copenhagen: Rains. Their own lovely matte fabric is a safe innovation – the toxin-free polyurethane coating keeps you dry and safe from the wind, yet breathes nicely.

 Socks for running

The best running socks are breathable and light, without any pressuring seams or abrasive materials giving you sores.

The proper socks for skiing and running are usually made of technical materials or high-quality wool. Antibacterial materials prevent odors and help you keep your shoes fresh for longer, too.

Product tips for winter sports: Pressio’s compression socks have been designed to give durable comfort and support the feet. An anatomical footbed of Pressio’s socks allows for protection against blistering. The socks stabilize movement and prevent injuries. Gradual grip enhances blood circulation and helps regression.


 Hat and collar for running

During aerobic exercise, it’s not unusual to get sweaty. Our heads are the main temperature regulators and that’s why we must make sure that the headgear we wear while running and skiing is moisture-wicking. 

Technical materials are often good in this particular task, but not always nature-friendly and chemical-free. As an alternative for synthetic materials, we might wanna check out sustainable wool or some of the new innovative eco-materials.

Product tips for winter sports: Houdini’s Desoli Chimney is a tube collar made of their finest merino wool. It can actually be worn as a scarf, headgear, or face protection. The light fabric is perfect for extreme activities such as running, biking, hiking, or skiing. It’s warm enough for winter use, light enough for warmer days. 

Houdini has three hats perfect for sports: Desoli Hat, Power Hat, and Wooler Top Hat. Desoli Hat represents the Desoli family with 100% merino wool giving you the best support from nature for your high-intensity exercise.

Power Hat is a mixed product combining a hat and a collar. It represents multipurpose minimalism at its best. Houdini Power Hat is made of top-quality Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro ™ fleece material – very durable and nice, keeping well even in tougher use. 

Wooler Top Hat is made for all-around-the-year use. It’s made of lightweight Wooler GridMerino fabric. The grid structure creates a layer of air offering both warmth and circulation. It also dries super fast.


 Gloves for running

Gloves for running should not be big, heavy, or sticky. Insulation is important, and the gloves must sit and fit well. It’s always a big plus if they are wind- and waterproof when running in cold seasons.

Product tips for winter sports: Try the waterproof gloves by the Danish Rains, made of PU-coated fleece. The fleece lining feels really nice and the gloves have stretchy ribbings.

A true Houdini classic is the handy Wrist Gaiters, which are made of the surplus pieces of the brand’s Polartec Power Stretch Pro fleece fabric. These warm and moisture-wicking wrist warmers are just as good on your gloves or on their own if you like to keep your fingers free for your camera or phone when you’re on the move. 


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