Autumn 2020 trends of workplace fashion

Autumn 2020 trends of workplace fashion

How do you dress at the office? This autumn, the big trends are material awareness and sustainable choices that will give your wardrobe a much longer lifespan than just one season.

Which one of these is your style – playful and trendy, sharp and confident, timeless high quality? Sustainable office clothing themes for Autumn 2020 are as follows:

1. Lovely Comfort

Lovely Comfort

A sharp and confident business look can also be comfortable to wear. Soft materials, perfect fit, and wellness shoes are making your day just so much easier. Besides the good looks and durable materials, the clothes should feel pleasant to wear from day to day – warming yet breathing, with no irritating seams or harsh fabrics. Natural fibers like cotton, silk, and soft quality wool are comfort materials. Of semi-synthetic fibers, you would want to try for example Tencel, which has a very soft and elastic feel to it. Simple yet lovely office style consists of comfy sweaters/jumpers, cotton shirts, loose fit culotte trousers, and sneakers or wellness sandals.

 2. Sharp Capsule

Sharp Capsule

A chic minimalist craves for high-quality clothes that are easy to wear and not too complicated to style. You can choose your outfit from a capsule rack fast and easy, without having to dig into the closet wonderland every morning. The major pros of capsule clothing are coherent ensembles that represent your style. The capsule wardrobe is pliable because the pieces are easy to combine. It's also economic and cost-effective by reducing the idle clothes and helping you to avoid "misses" while shopping.

The capsules usually consist of neutral or colorless colors such as black, white, dark blue, and different shades of grey. A functional capsule can be built of as few as 20 pieces of clothing – thus the wardrobe also fits in quite a small space. 

A capsule is supposed to last a long time, so instead of fashionable colors, the effect should be built with your favorite colors and designs. Would you accept a hint of trendy brown into your capsule this autumn?

3. Girly Scandinavian

Girly Scandinavian

Slightly girly office style goes well with the seasons trending colors. Elegant work clothes can be spiced up the Danish way – fun cuts, frills, patterns, and accessories. Danish business look is a bit more relaxed and loose than the classic style. This autumn you might want to try varied shades of rust, tobacco, wine, powder, cinnamon, camel, burned okra, or other colors of delicious spices. What is IN about the design and patterns right now: abstract approach of the '90s, graphic patterns, ethnicity, and different kinds of floral prints. A famous color house Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as the Shade of 2020. This pick has also increased the use of bolder blue colors in fashion and clothing.

4. Boss Lady

Boss Lady

Strong women keep marching forward. The trend of classical office clothing this autumn is '40s style. Exiguous tops highlight the shoulder line, and it is allowed to heighten the waistline. Elegant jumpsuits, tight fit pencil skirts, and bold suit jackets and blazers are top picks now. Also, classical hopscotch patterns are absolute winning nuances – both soft and sharper angular styles, in clothes as well as in accessories. The trick to your business look can be a bravely checkered piece; scarf, cardigan, suit jacket, or slim-fit chinos.