What’s new for your wardrobe in 2022? – Check out the trendiest outfits

Colors and volume

The grimness of corona time has shown on catwalks as a temptation for a new spring. Splashy and elegant outfits make a new entrance after the sweatpant season we’ve had for too long now.

So, hear the call of flowing hems, sleeves, and legs!

Lucid power colors are on rising and the most fashionable clothes are shown off with no apologies. Pallets and such festive expressions of joyfulness are allowable as well.

Miia Halmesmaa & Kaiko

Veri Peri

Pantone color house chose the color of the year 2022: Veri Peri. The modern warm blue tone enchants with a hint of purple-red.

Veri Peri brings a message of the spirit of our time. The futuristic shade entwines reality and the virtual world. Its appearance is joyful, dynamic, and encouraging.

In clothing, Veri Peri goes well with natural fibers as well as high-tech and the newest smart materials.


Pearl earrings on a Princess

The iconic style of Lady Diana is diligently copied in social media. Jeans, button-up shirts, trouser suits, feminine dresses, black & white combinations, and stripes are trending in 2022.

Pearls and pearly stones keep their winner ranking in the jewelry fashion. Pearls are seen in clothing, earrings, necklaces, and wristlets, combined with different metal tones – especially yellow gold.

Kaiko Avie

Miss Marple and Red Riding Hood

A hat is the trendiest accessory right now. A necessary new year’s headgear is absolutely a bucket hat – it’s light and won’t wreck your hairdo but keeps your face safe from rain and wind. The hat is perfect for a visit to a city café as well as a fishing tour.

Different kinds of headscarves are also in fashion. The trendiest one is tied in a classical feminine film star style to cover your head and neck.

In the northern conditions, a helmet hat serves well, too – it’s a hit in both style and comfort.

Lilja the Label & Archetype

Hello Britney Spears

20 years have passed, but..! Mini skirts. Cropped shirts. Candy make-up. Low-cut jeans. Hip belts. Spaghetti tops. Vests without shirts.

The ‘00s fashion rocks and shocks those who already lived that season back then. Nevertheless, it’s no use to deny the fun and liberality of that style.

Carolina Machado & Residus

Baguette under your arm

Baguette bag is back with the ‘00s fashion. A trendy dresser purchases a sustainable baguette bag that is typically carried high under the arm like the French loaf of bread.

F.ex. the brand O My Bag from Amsterdam has a top-quality updated design version of the coveted baguette.

O my Bag Baguette bag

Combat boots – also vegan style

The trend shoes of the winter season still are combat boots, bikers, and rough comfortable ankle boots. They can be combined with gentleman suits just as well as flower dresses. The colors are black or brown, but you can let it all loose with the string tones!

These new era boots are available in vegan versions as well.

Nae Vegan Shoes

Men’s blazer – for everyone

If you don’t have an oversized blazer in your wardrobe yet, now it's high time to get one.

No pressure… but you must know that an oversized blazer or trouser suit is one of the most topical outfits in 2022 and it’s used while shopping, at work, and later in the disco.

Voglia & Neu Nomads

The slightly bigger glasses

Cool imago glasses are selling big this year, but only the sustainable selections – nobody wants to support the cheap plastic sales anymore.

Accessory sunglasses can be made of, besides plastic and metal, also recycled and biodegradable materials. F.ex. the brand called Joplins from Portugal uses bamboo, cotton fibers, recycled wood pulp, and wood mass.


Denim Fever

Jeans are changing into more versatile and diverse as we speak, but denim is also being used in all kinds of clothes.

The sustainably produced better denim is trending and it comes in various colors, not only blue. The most topical shade is undyed.

I Dig Denim & PURA Finland

Don’t forget the neckwarmer

If you only purchase one trendy accessory in the northern winter season, it better be a neckwarmer! They are available now in lovely materials, and also suit and support any mid-season outfit very well.

The most wanted neckwarmer is rich and fluffy made of natural materials. You don't wanna take it off even when you’re back inside your home… and why should you?


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