YO ZEN – swans and heroines

All the friends of Finnish eco-design surely recognize the graphic bird earrings by the brand YO ZEN from Oulu. The origami swan figure has been the symbol of this northern sustainability trailblazer brand ever since 2010. 

Paula and Kate, working as architects, are the pilots of YO ZEN and the brand has finally joined the IVALO.COM family! YO ZEN offers graphic classics for both adults and kids.

How is YO ZEN doing today? The founder Paula Kouri replies

”Thanks, we are doing well! This Corona year has been very educational in the way that it forced us to innovate. We believe that because of this, we have developed in the right direction and understand our customers even better now.

We want to listen to our customers even more and we are extremely happy with our new shop in Oulu! Right now, we enjoy this moment and the possibility of meeting our customers face to face.”


What’s the best thing about the products and the brand of YO ZEN?

”YO ZEN products always contain something deeper than just the beauty seen by the eye. The design adds a dash of fun, wonder, and joy of innovativeness to the everyday moments we share. YO ZEN is recognized and noticed quite widely these days. Our clothes collect praise while worn by our customers and I believe they bring an extra drop of courage to the people wearing them.”


What are the YO ZEN hit products right now?

Heroines design has been the absolute hit of last year! It looks like leopard patterns from a distance, but with a closer look, you’ll discover female figures showing how different and lovely we all are.

We recommend our Kimono – it’s a super versatile piece. Just wear it as a dress by itself, or combine it with a short dress, wearing it open on top. The Kimono comes in two sizes: Fabulous and Super Fabulous. With this, we wanna remind you all that the size won’t matter, as long as the piece fits nicely and is made with care for you. We all are beautiful just the way we are! Remember – YOU are FABULOUS!”


What novelties can we expect?

”We are inspired by everything going on in the world and we want to bring some gentle touch into the big picture with our products. Our selection will be focusing on printed clothes and jewelry."


What does sustainability mean to YO ZEN?

”To us, the premises of sustainability come from good design. The products must be timeless – we follow the seasons just loosely. On our designing table, we accept only the best quality materials that can be used for years and years. When we make new products, the goal is they will become someone’s favorite clothes and last for a long time in loving use. All our methods of production are ethical, too.”


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