A hat is one of the most traditional accessories. In the course of history, the styles have multiplied and multi-formed, but the popularity of hats stays the same. Weather conditions also determine our choice of headwear.

IVALO.COM presents several summer hats for, especially women and kids. It’s important to protect ourselves and the small ones from the sun’s rays! For example, the Finnish brand Kaiko offers breathable high-quality sun hats.

A traditional bucket hat (fisher hat) is always fashionable and multipurpose – besides fishing trips, you can wear it anywhere: picnic, festivals, city walks, evening parties – you name it. IVALO.COM offers bucket hats in many different designs and trendy colors.

At IVALO.COM you’ll also find many designs of the topical newsboy cap aka baker boy hat, named already in the ‘20s. It used to be a working-class accessory back then but now is very trendy and popular amongst both men and women.