Trending themes of clothing and fashion in 2022


Gender neutrality is trending also in clothing this year.

Now, unisex clothes are not a synonym for boyish hoodies, straight-cut jeans, and sneakers anymore. The new unisex of this era is not only androgyny non-binary, but also courageously blended.

Men wear skirts, dresses, and flowery patterns – women wear old-fashioned gentleman-style outfits. Especially the traditional masculine lines are crossed. Experimental tolerance is IN, and so are shared wardrobes as well.

Couples and families use the same clothes. By blurring the borders of personal clothing and accessories, the pieces get worn way more often.

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Nomen Nescio

Circular economy

The trend of the circular economy is seen as a new kind of appreciation of old clothes. In a circular economy, all waste is minimized by maximizing the circulation of products and materials.

The world is meeting some significant challenges to reach the goals concerning emissions. Finland f.ex. has set a goal to be a carbon-neutral circular economy society in 15 years. This would require doubling our current degree of the circular economy.

Luckily, clothes maintenance is in fashion. Sticker brushes are replaced with beautiful high-quality clothes bushes and people invest in shoe maintenance tools.

The new concepts of recycling used clothes are raising the market of second-hand products even in fast fashion stores – everyone wants to join the trend of sustainability.

The circular economy is visible in clothes production as recycled materials are used more and more. Sustainable fashion manufacturers also organize repairing and recycling services for their products. 

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Globe Hope & Pure Waste

Borrow and rent

Clothes rental is in high demand. We don’t want or need to own everything. Especially clothes that are in rare use – party dresses and such – are purchased with higher consideration.

Clothes rental services are getting more common. Design clothes are available for a reasonable price for one-time rental or with a monthly or yearly membership fee.

It’s trendy to count the times of use per piece of clothing now, and there are various applications for that purpose. When you pay 600e for your winter jacket, do you know how much you pay per use?

Also, social media is used more and more for communal services and shared products. Friends can borrow and circulate goods with each other. Shared saunas and laundry rooms are making a comeback – a neighborhood can also purchase a shared car or vacuuming robot.

Atelje Vaatevuokraamo

Picture from: The Ateljé

Craving for minimalism and simplicity

Minimalism simplifies consumption, ownership of goods, and lifestyle as a counter-reaction to consumerism. The pandemic chaos has also created a craving for more manageability and clarity in everyday life.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe was born already in the ‘70s and becomes more interesting in our time. The principle is that every piece of clothing in a capsule is in active use and precisely suits the season.

There should be approx. 30 clothes chosen in a capsule per season. The point of a capsule is that it eases the everyday tasks of finding and storing stuff. The clothes are in the closet or on a hanger loosely, neatly, and easy to access.

Made to Order/Pre Order and seasonless are also the future of clothing. The manufacturers make the products after the orders are placed, and thus all waste of resources and overproduction are prevented.

Seasonless means that the fashion is finding its way out of traditional seasonal collections, making the lifespan of a single product longer on purpose.

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The Knotty Ones

Naturality and body positivity

Social equality movements and diversity debates are saying goodbye to the beauty ideals of the old world. Fashion today is showing curves, flaws, and naturality much more courageously than before.

Body positivity wants to make marginalized and discriminated bodies, human rights, and permission to be on display more visible.

Diversity brings respect for our differences into the narrow conceptions of the fashion world, too.

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Lovanna Lingerie

Material innovations

Sustainable materials change the world – and our small Finland is doing great surfing the wave of innovations.

In the future, we will dress up not only in the recycled plastic collected from oceans and bottles we already are familiar with but also f.ex. bio-waste from our backyard.

The new textile innovations and smart materials often are ecological and efficient. Their production is nature-friendly and they can be reused, recycled, and composted.

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Nae Vegan Shoes


Wellness became a megatrend with a bang when the pandemic started. The whole western world ran to the woods and nature to enjoy the fresh air. Well-being and health became more important than traveling and work.

Different forms of biohacking, diets, recovery, body care and optimal sleep are trending.

Outdoor sports, wellness, and training are holding the line also in 2022, and the sports stores will face difficulties to meet the demand.

Sustainable sports clothing is the thing now. Everyone wants to be safe from rain, wind, and cold without using plastics, fluorocarbons, synthetic colorings, metals, and treatment agents.

Also, the shoes and clothes in everyday use are wanted in more comfortable, healthy, and environment-conscious versions.

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